Being A Better Parent Is Giving Your Child More Than Just The Gift Of Life

Having A Child Is A Gift From The Universe

Your child is the greatest gift you will ever receive. From the moment you first hold your tiny little miracle in your arms, your world will feel vibrant & richer. You will experience a flood of emotions, some of joy and wonder, and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed and wonder whether you can keep up with all the needs of your new baby. These are feelings you would never be able to imagine before – feelings that no one can experience unless they have a child of their own.

Its difficult to even describe the type of bond between child and parent because its so intensely personal. Why do your eyes well up with tears the first time your little one smiles or reaches for you? Why are you so proud of her first words? Why does your heart suddenly start to thump the first time you watch her stumble and fall? The answer is in the distinct two-way giving relationship between you and your child.  Being a better parent is being aware that your child brings many things to the table and to be a good effective parent you need to return these vital gifts to develop their persona into a well rounded person.

The Gifts Which Your Child Gives You

True Love. From birth, you are the center of your baby’s universe. He gives you his love without question. As he grows older, he will reveal this love in many methods, from showering you with his first smiles to giving you his handmade Valentines. His love is filled with affection, love, commitment, and an extreme desire to please you.

Pure Trust. Your baby believes in you. In her eyes, you are strong, capable, loving, powerful, and wise. Over time, she will show this trust by relaxing and letting her guard down when you are near, coming to you with her problems & issues, and proudly pointing you out to others, “That’s my Mom!”. Often she also will lean on you for protection & security from things that scare her, including her own sensitivities. For instance, in your presence she might experiment with brand-new abilities that she would never ever attempt to attempt alone or with a complete stranger. She trusts you to keep her safe.

The Excitement Of Discovery. Having a child gives you an opportunity to rediscover the enjoyment and excitement of childhood. Although you can’t relive your life through your child, you can share in his pleasure as he explores the world around him. While doing so, you most likely will find capabilities and skills you never ever dreamed you had. Feelings of compassion combined with growing self-awareness will assist form your capability to play and communicate with your growing child. Discovering things together, whether they are brand new abilities or words or methods to conquer challenges, will contribute to your experience and self-confidence as a parent and will much better prepare you for new obstacles that you never even envisioned.

The Highs & Lows Of Emotion. Through your child, you will experience brand-new heights of delight, love, pride, and enjoyment. You most likely likewise will experience stress and anxiety, anger, and disappointment. For all those wonderful moments when you hold your infant close and feel her little arms around your neck, there are definitely going to be times when you feel you cannot communicate. The extremes in some cases end up being sharper as your child gets older and looks to develop his independence. The same child who at three dances around the room with you may at four have this sudden rebellious and active period that will surprise you. The extremes are not contradictions, however merely a truth of maturing For you as a parent, the difficulty is to accept and value all the emotions with which your child reveals himself and excites in you.

The Gifts Which You Give To Your Child

As his parent, you have many important gifts to offer your child in return. Some are subtle, but all are very powerful. Giving them will make you a good parent. Receiving them will help your child become a healthy, well-rounded, happy individual.

Throughout history we have loved and cared for our children.

Unconditional Genuine Love. Love is at the very core of your relationship with your child. It needs to flow freely in both directions. Just as she loves you without question, you must give her your love and approval definitely and absolutely. Your love shouldn’t depend on how she looks like or behaves. It shouldn’t be utilized as a reward or held back as a threat. Your love for your baby and child should be continuous and indisputable, and it’s up to you to show that, especially when she misbehaves and needs to have limitations set or habits or behavior corrected. Love needs to be held different and above any short-lived sensations of anger or aggravation over her conduct. Never confuse these actions with the child. The more safe & secure she feels in your love, the more self-assurance she will have as she matures.

Self-confidence. One of your most important gifts as a parent is to assist your child establish self-confidence. It’s not a simple or fast procedure. Pride, self-respect, confidence, and belief in oneself, which are the foundation of self-esteem, take years to become established. Your child requires your steady support and encouragement to discover his strengths. He requires that you will believe in him as he learns to believe in himself. Loving him, paying attention to him, listening to him, and applauding his accomplishments are all part of this process. On other occasions, helping him adjust what you may find to be unacceptable behaviors in ways that aren’t humiliating or hurtful, but rather in more constructive and practical ways, is just as important to building a firm self-confidence. If he feels good and confident of your love, and respect, it will be easy for him to develop the solid self-esteem which he will need to grow up happy and emotionally healthy.

Values and Traditions. No matter of whether you actively attempt to hand down your values and beliefs to your child, she will most definitely absorb some of them just by growing up with you. She’ll discover how disciplined you remain in your work, how deep you hold your beliefs, and if you really practice what you preach. She’ll take part in household rituals, routines and customs while questioning what is their significance. You cannot anticipate or demand that your child sign up to all your viewpoints and opinions on certain things, however you can present your beliefs truthfully, clearly, and thoughtfully, while also keeping in mind the child’s age and maturity level. Provide her assistance and support, not just commands. Motivate her to ask questions and encourage conversations, instead of trying to hammer in your ideals and values into your child. If your beliefs make sense to her and if you are true to them, she most likely will embrace a number of them. If there are discrepancies in your actions – something we are all guilty of – usually your child will point that out to you, either subtly through his behavior or, when he is older, or more overtly by disagreeing with you. The roadway to establishing values is not straight and easy. It demands flexibility developed on strong foundations. Self-awareness, openness towards listening to your child, and most of all a demonstration of your dedication to traditions will best serve a great relationship with your child. While the choices of which values and principles she adopts will ultimately will be hers to make, she does depend on you to provide her the structure through your ideas, shared concepts, and, many of all, your actions and deeds.

Health. Your child’s health depends considerably on the care and assistance you provide her throughout these early years. You start by taking good care of yourself while you are pregnant, eating especially healthier than usual and by arranging for obstetric and pediatric care. Also by taking your child to the doctor on a regular basis for checkups and assessments, keeping her safe from being injured, offering healthy & nutritious foods and motivating workout and exercise throughout childhood, you assist in safeguarding and strengthening her body. Likewise, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself, while staying away from unhealthy ones such as smoking, substance abuse, extreme drinking and absence of adequate exercise. In this way, you’ll offer your kid a healthy example to follow as she matures.

Secure & Safe Surroundings. You naturally wish to provide your child a safe, comfy house. It should mean more than just a warm place to sleep and a collection of clothes & toys. As critical as is to provide shelter that is safe, it is a lot more essential to develop a household that emotionally secure with a minimum of tension and consistency of loving energy. Your child will be able to notice issues in between family members and might be troubled by them, so it’s crucial that household issues, even small disputes, be handled directly and resolved as rapidly as possible through agreeableness and cooperation. . This might involve consulting, however keep in mind, your household’s wellness means keeping an environment that promotes your child’s growth & development and will allow him to grow into a happy well-rounded person and to achieve his potential. The household’s dealing efficiently with disputes or differences ultimately will help him feel secure in his capability to handle disputes and disagreements and will provide him with a favorable example for solving his own problems and obstacles.

If you are a happy, well-rounded person, enjoy learning and making discovery enjoyable for your child, she will soon discover that achievement can be a place of personal satisfaction as well as her way of pleasing you. The secret is giving her opportunities and letting her find what fits her style best and allowing her to go at her own rate.

What a beautiful post Sarah. You’ve included so many aspects of parenting that are gifts to our children. I love that you included building their confidence and how this is something that builds over time. I used to wonder how to do this for my now 19 year old and looking back in hindsight, I did what I needed to, to my relief, as she’s now moved out and has her own awesome self confidence. Now to keep on building the other 3 smaller kiddles that I have at home still :). Thanks for sharing.

Yes! What we experience as a child shapes our DNA and our personality and ultimately who we are as adults. Good nurturing, compassionate, *being involved & present* in your kids life is key to make successful, capable adults.

Great article! Very insightful and a good reminder of the importance of good parenting as well as being aware of these connections with our kids. There are so many challenges in parenting but in the end its all worth it 🙂

This article is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. These things are all so true and some of them are things you really don’t realize until you have a baby.


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