Best White Noise Machines For Babies

A white noise machine can help your baby fall asleep instantly

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is priceless, and ultimately helps you get some much needed rest as well. White noise and baby sleep compliment each other because 99.99% of the time, a newborn baby will instantly fall asleep when there is white noise.

However, it is not always easy, a baby is easily impacted by their surroundings and the slightest thing can make a huge difference on whether he is able to sleep or not.  Many factors such as colic and teething pain can really disrupt your little one’s sleep and also leave an entire household exhausted.

A popular method to encourage sleep is the white noise machine. They vary in price, size, whether they are USB vs battery powered and how many different sound profiles each one holds. White noise machines make wonderful sleep aids and are incredibly soothing for babies. If you have ever switched on a fan late at night you will soon realize how effective the sound is at promoting the drowsiness that lets you fall asleep. It is much the same for babies, a sound machine can be a miracle worker to get your baby to sleep.

Best white noise machine babies

Let’s take a look at the best baby noise machines and soothers that have the potential to encourage your baby to snooze longer:

Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

The best thing for newborn to a toddler, the Baby Shusher is one of my favorite white noise products. Just what does this little salt & pepper shaker looking thing for?   Well just imagine trying to “shush” your baby to sleep at night for a good 15 or 30 minutes? Don’t you think you would get a little dizzy after all that shushing? Well this little device is perfect because what it does, is it emits a rhythmic shushing sound that is very effective at soothing young babies; even the fussiest sleepers. Its portable, so makes a practical on-the-go soothing device. Plus, its adjustable volume control means it is easily heard over cries.

Read more about Baby Shusher here


Just watch this video as this little baby is put instantly to sleep with baby shusher:


Isn’t that the sweetest thing? It has different volumes so you can adjust it to a little louder than the sound of the baby’s cries , but you want to make sure not to place it with the speaker faced down obviously that will shush out the shushing sound lol.

Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine

Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine

Great for a baby’s room, the Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine is a feature-rich, high-quality unit with such a variety of sounds to choose from. Its 34 distinct, non-repeating sounds act perfectly as an effective sleep aid for babies and adults alike. I really love this one because of the variety of soundscapes to chose from. It comes in white and black, and there is also a mini version.

Read more about the Sound Sleep Machine here

CFS White Noise Machine

CFS White Noise Machine

Completely fabulous, small and portable the CFS White Noise Machine is built with multiple sound channels (white noise, clock, ocean waves, rain and lullaby) that can act as a powerful sleeping aid to encourage your baby to relax and drift off into a pleasant night’s sleep. It has a sleek, stylish design and an automatic-off timer to let you save energy and money. Its small enough to fit in your hand.

Read more about CFS white noise machine here

Why does white noise act as a sleep aid?

There are many different ways that investing in the best white noise machine babies can influence sleep.

1) It blocks out noises that disturb or interrupt sleep. Most nurseries aren’t soundproofed, so everyday noises like family members talking; the sound of the television or other appliances, or cars outside can impact your baby’s sleep. White noise is very effective at masking these sounds.

2) The brain is kept busy. A further reason behind the effectiveness of white noise is its ability to keep the brain busy. Any sudden or unexpected noise in the night can alert the brain which becomes excited and will very likely wake a baby. However, if the constant, low-level noise of white noise is playing, that is very effective at keeping a baby’s brain engaged which lowers the risk of being bothered or waking.

How to use white noise the right way

Start with a white noise machine that has the audio volume all the way down. You want to figure out the lowest possible usable volume that is able to achieve the desired results. There are plenty of baby sound machines that have a maximum decibel that easily exceeds the level recommended by hospital nurseries.

Place the white noise machine so that it is close to the crib, but not actually in it. Rail-mounted white noise machines can be cute and resemble a stuffed animal, but may be placed too close to the baby/mattress to be safe. Items placed in the crib have the potential to be dangerous for babies. The preferred location is on top of a bedside table or shelf near the crib.

Use the white noise setting (or similar) on a sound machine that has the varied audio library. Simple is the best course of action. Other sounds can be too entrancing or too dramatic, such as a repeated lullaby which can rouse a baby to full wakefulness. Also, the sound-activated or motion units can prematurely wake baby if they briefly cry out or stir. Music isn’t white noise and unlikely to give the desired results, so don’t play it.

Adjust the sound level, tone, or other settings. A baby can easily react differently to the many different tones. A low, constant rhythmic sound is typically able to give the best results. Still, the machine must be played with audio at a volume that is loud enough to hear over the baby crying. After a few nights of trying, it is usually enough to establish the minimum effective volume to ensure the restful nights sleep for you and your baby.

Overall, white noise done right is certain to help the baby that is having difficulty settling or sleeping.

Our neighborhood is very noisy and if during the day the traffic is insane at night the teens make sure they keep the noise levels through the rough. I don’t mind, I could sleep through the strongest storm but the baby is very sensitive, she immediately wakes up and refuses to fall asleep again. Thank you so much for the tips, I didn’t know what to look for yet, I just know that I want it to be pretty 🙂

“I just know that I want it to be pretty ”

That was cute 🙂 I think with all the neighborhood noises , your downstairs neighbors, dogs barking outside, etc, a white noise machine is exactly what you need to drown out all unnecessary noise. The Sound + Sleep Machine is one I recommend because it has 64 different sound scapes. You will come to find that your baby has a preference in what she finds soothing and it will be a lifesaver for you.

I have 4 children myself which are between the ages of 12 and 3 and on each one of them I have always wondered if I should buy a white noise machine to see if it would help them get a better sleep but I never actually did because I have heard more bad things than good and for the price I just didn’t think it was worth it.
Can you recommend a different way for a baby to get a good nights sleep other than one of these machines?

I understand how you feel. Sometimes people don’t want a noise machine, they actually prefer silence so I can respect that. But you can check out an article I wrote earlier (click here) on tips for getting your baby to fall asleep at night that don’t include white noise, you may want to check that out 🙂

I love this post because I still sleep with white noise as an adult. I use a box fan that is set on medium. I’ve used and tried many noise machines and I’ve found that a box fan works best for me. I think it’s because the box fan fills the room with fuller sound IMO and plus it’s great to have a slight breeze from the fan while sleeping at night. Thanks, Curtis

Yes, long before I got a white noise machine, it was my air cleaner that was always on and that noise made it hard to sleep in the silence… I needed to hear my air cleaner at all times whenever I had to rest or nap or sleep so I totally understand what you mean!

Hi Sophia,
great article, plenty of choices to go at. I’m new to the being a parenting game, it’s only been 2 months and I’m struggling for sleep, it seems I’m getting less and less sleep every night!

I live on a main road, with a bus stop not too far away. Every time a bus goes past that’s it poor little Ben is woken up and in turn so am I. Which one would you recommend to mask outside sounds to stop babies waking up? I NEED one of these in my life!!

Thanks, Anthony.

Hi Anthony, welcome to parenthood! Please read my post on being a Parent is more than giving the gift of life.
Poor Ben! That must be so annoying for him to hear a bus each and every time he wants to self soothe. Yes a white noise machine is very necessary if you want to create that ambient environment where all sounds are drowned out, even if mom is drying her hair you wouldn’t be able to hear it. I think the Sound+Sleep is your best option because of its volume, and variety of soundscapes and hypnotic tones. Such as ocean, rainfall, the city sounds. Its quite amazing when you turn it on and you are like in a whole other world. yup!

I am so impressed there are products like this available!! I work in a clinic and we are looking for an ambient noise machine to keep the conversations confidential. I never thought to look to baby products to find such a variety! Thank you for the great leads! Thank you!

Wow, that is a brilliant new concept for using white noise machines. I never considered that. It is actually very appropriate for settings like those where you want to maintain privacy. Your welcome and thank you for fresh idea on how to use white noise machines.

Wow, this is really great information and helpful for babies to make them sleep. This is really important not only for babies but also for parents to have a good sleep. This Product is a “must have” for every parent and will share it with others too.

Well Sophia, my kids are in their 20’s now but I’m thinking my wife and I will be baby sitting a lot in the near future so your information is still perfect.

I grew up in the country so I always thought white noise was listening to the creek or the rain falling as I went to sleep. It’s great though to have nice options to help the young ones sleep better, and maybe the older ones also.

White Noise can be listening to a creek, river or any body of water. Water fountains are primarily used for the sounds that emanate from them, which tend to cause tranquil effects on people. These white noise machines each come with a variety of sounds, including rainfall, ocean, fans blowing, “The city” sounds, anything that makes you feel relaxed there is a sound for it here… for babies and adults.

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your baby and you! I appreciated the different options you shared on white noise machines. I especially love the fact that the Baby Shusher is portable. It’s so hard when they are used to their room and then you try and travel! This is so great that you can take a comforting and familiar sound with you wherever you go.

Thank you Julie! I like the Baby Shusher because it looks like a rattle and its safe to keep in the crib with your baby because there is nothing sticking or poking out that could hurt baby!


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