What Time Should a Baby go to Bed for the Night?

Babies are cute and cuddly and normally give you signs for whatever they need, but how do you tell what time a baby should go to bed for the night? After doing a considerable amount of research on the topic I wrote down what I found for all of you.

So, what time should a baby go to bed for the night? The quick and easy answer to this question is around 6-7pm, but there is a lot more that goes into a babies sleep schedule than you would think.

It can be hard to know when to put a baby down for bed. 6-7 seems so early and yet 8-9 seems kind of late. The important thing to remember when trying to decide when to put your baby to bed for the night is that in order for babies brains to develop properly they need proper sleep.

What Time is the Right Time to Put my Baby to Bed?

As was mentioned before the ideal time to put a baby down to bed for the night is between 6-7. This time range is important because babies need the proper amount of sleep in order to function well and happily.

A lot of parents assume that the later you put your child to bed the easier it will be for them to fall asleep and stay asleep because they will be more tired. This belief is wrong because it is actually harder for a baby to fall asleep the more tired they get, and it will be harder for that baby to sleep.

On top of all of that, your baby will still wake up at the same time which means they are getting less sleep. Babies brains are growing and developing which means they need proper amounts of sleep. Just like we as adults shut down when we don’t get sleep, babies will shut down the same way.

So putting your baby to bed around 6-7 is the ideal hope for baby. There is obviously more that goes into a babies sleep health than just a strict bedtime. You need to know how much your baby should be sleeping, how to help your baby fall asleep, and the best ways to keep your baby on a schedule.

How Much Sleep Should Babies be Getting?

Babies need sleep, but how much sleep do babies really need? We know that as adults we need between 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep to be healthy, but most of us don’t know how much sleep our babies need to be healthy.

In this chart, it goes over how much sleep babies need from birth until the end of their first year. Understanding how much sleep a baby needs can help us understand why babies need early bedtimes.

All of this information is useful but it is also estimations so if you are having real worries about how much your baby is sleeping you should talk to your pediatrician. If you want to learn more about where these estimated numbers come from click here. 

How do I Help My Baby Fall Asleep?

There are a lot of ways to help your baby fall asleep but the main three that I would focus on is making and keeping a strict bedtime, creating and sticking to a nightly routine, and lastly to switch up the atmosphere of your feedings.

Making and Keeping a Strict Bedtime

Like we have talked about previously, bedtimes are SO important for kids. The best thing you can do for your child and their sleep schedule is to set a particular bedtime and then stick to it. The sticking to it is the harder part.

Once babies hit about 3 months old they normally are ready for a strict bed schedule; although, parents can create a bedtime schedule before that, but it works best around three months old. If you want to know if your baby is old enough for sleep training you can always consult your pediatrician.

Sometimes it is hard to stick to an early bedtime because you or your spouse may have to work and you might not be there, but it is better for a child to stay on schedule when it comes to their sleep patterns.

Creating and Sticking to a Nightly Routine

A great way to help your baby fall asleep and stick to a regular bedtime is to create a regular nightly routine. Whether that looks like a nightly bath followed by reading a book out loud, and then their bedtime feeding before a lullaby and bed or something completely different a nightly routine is key in helping your baby sleep.

Babies need routines in their lives, and because of that, if you do the same thing every night it will help your child’s body know that it is time to sleep as they begin this process every night. Babies are like adults they need routine.

Switch up the Atmosphere of Your Babies Feedings

A great tip to help your baby fall asleep is to teach them via their feedings. When your baby is eating throughout the day if you will make those feeding times exciting and eventful then during their final feeding of the night make the atmosphere calming and relaxing so that their bodies are signaled that it is time to calm down and go to sleep.

There are a ton of really great ways to help your babies fall asleep but I have seen through experience and research that these three methods make a huge difference. Trust your instincts and the counsel of your pediatrician and have fun helping your baby sleep.

What are the Best Ways to Keep Your Baby on a Sleep Schedule?

As we know babies and sleep schedules go together like french fries and ranch, basically you can’t have one without the other. That being said, it is incredibly hard to stick to your babies schedule as an adult.

It is common to want to stay out later than 6-7 with family or friends or just your spouse, and that schedule doesn’t really work when you have little babies who need to sleep. So, how do you balance adult schedules with babies schedules?

There are a couple of great ways that adults can still have fun with their family and friends and yet stick to their babies schedules.

  1. Bring the fun back to your place. If you are having fun with your family or friends invite them to continue visiting with you at your house so that your adorable little tike can get the rest they need.
  2. Pack and Plays. A great way to spend time out of the home is to bring a pack and play or a portable bassinet with you to family or friends houses so that your baby can keep its normal bedtime and you can still enjoy being around family and friends.
  3. Babysitters. Finding a great and trusted babysitter is a great idea for parents. Sometimes parents need a date night and having a babysitter that you can count on and trust is important.
  4. Writing down your nightly routine and schedule. This can help you not only remember but can help family, friends, or babysitters that are helping watch your baby for the evening.
  5. Staying in. Sometimes you just have to choose to leave an event early or stay home so that your child can get the rest they need. This isn’t always easy or fun, but sacrificing for your children will always bring a peace and love into your home and relationship.

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How do I know if my baby should be sleeping through the night? Most babies can sleep through the night at around 6 months although some can do this as early as 3 months while others may take about 12 months to accomplish this.



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