What is the Tranquilo Vibrating Baby Mat?

Parents put away those baby swings and special chairs. There is a new “baby whisperer” on the market, and it is a total game changer to help soothe your baby and form healthy, loving parent-baby bonds.

Recreating Mother’s Womb

The Tranquilo Vibrating Baby Mat is a portable vibrating mat that has been engineered to vibrate which essentially mimics the sounds that babies will have heard being in their Mother’s womb. Studies suggest that a baby, while in the womb are used to being around noises that are loud as 80 decibels which is equivalent to a hair dryer in use. When they are surrounded by these noises and vibrations again with the Tranquilo Mat, they feel safe, secure and loved.

Forming a Bond

It is important to children’s overall development to have a healthy bond during the early stages in life, with their parents. The bond will help to form an emotional bond including, trust, happiness, and love. Of course, this can be accomplished in various ways, one being soothing your child.

The Tranquilo produces numerous sounds that act as sounds they heard while in their Mother’s womb, including a sound of a heartbeat. This bonding time will lower the cortisol levels in your baby that are directly related to the amount of stress and anxiety a child will experience both as a child and then later in life. Lowering these levels can be accomplished when a baby feels protected. Providing a product that best mirrors the warmth, protection and love they felt while in the womb will help build a strong, healthy bond.

This mat eases the transition of sleep time to feeding time and the reverse. Mothers who have had trouble getting their babies to feed have found the Tranquilo Vibrating Baby Mat a lifesaver. The Tranquilo Vibrating Mat can be utilized during those special bonding times between a Mother and child, including breast feedings, book time, snuggling before naps, and tummy time.

Five Unique Sounds

The Tranquilo offers 5 different unique sounds for your baby to assist in soothing and calming. Depending on what behavior your baby is showing, correlates to the different sounds that are offered with the mat. For instance, if your baby is crying, they would want a different sound than during the times baby and Momma are playing. These soothing sounds can help while at home or outside of the home.

If you have a Tranquilo mat, anyone can hold your baby without crying.

Keep in Close Contact

Even though other baby soothing items such as swings can help calm and lull your baby to sleep, the problem with these products are it breaks that skin-to-skin contact with Mom and Dad. Talking and smiling across the room at babies in their swings aren’t going to experience that bond that close body contact offers. The Tranquilo mat allows Mom to hold their child while the mat provides those same soothing techniques. Keeping in close contact with Mom helps to build that strong bond that babies need. When you must send your baby to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, this mat is a great way to extend that bond across generations.

Meeting New People

This baby mat works great when parents are attempting to introduce a newborn to new friends and family members. Often, babies will cry when being separated from Mom’s arms, with this mat, it allows your baby to feel that same comfort while in another’s arms. Allowing babies to feel more comfortable around others, will cultivate better experiences when venturing outside the home whether visiting other family or just introducing your baby to new friends. The comfort your baby expresses with other people can help with their short-term and long-term social development.

More Sleep, Please!

Your wish is our command! With the Tranquilo Vibrating Mat, your baby will be able to be calmed and soothed into a healthier sleep pattern. Studies suggest that babies should receive 7-12 hours of adequate sleep in order to garner healthy development. Receiving adequate sleep will help with cognitive development, fine motor skills, healthy social adjustment, to name a few.

The Tranquilo assists with both soothing your baby during naps and bedtime sleep hours. This is accomplished with the soothing sounds offered with the Tranquilo. In order to offer the best care for your baby, it’s important for Mom and Dad to stay healthy. When your baby receives more sleep from the help of The Tranquilo, this equates to Mom and Dad catching up on more “Z’s” which is essential for their health.

Crying? There’s No Crying Inside the Tranquilo!

Parents face the ongoing behavior of their babies crying each day. Parents everywhere have faced the situation with their babies crying in public, whether in a store or while dining out. During these times, parents can make use of the Tranquilo mat to help assist with calming and soothing babies by distracting them with the feeling of being inside the womb where they felt safe and secure. The vibrating mat is a great solution for ending any crying episodes. The soothing effect the mat provides as well as the five different white noises offered with the mat, will help to calm your child whether at home or on the go.

Take the Tranquilo Everywhere

Unlike baby swings or special chairs that must be carried from place to place, (with limited space in certain instances), the Tranquilo is easy to take along with you and baby outside of the home. It is useful during long car rides, doctor visits, and any time they experience new surroundings.

This also is a great option when you need to leave your child with a babysitter. The mat operates the same, no matter who is holding the baby, which offers the baby to feel the security it needs.

Shark Tank: Tranquilo Accepts the deal with investor Robert Herjavec for $200,000


The Tranquilo Vibrating Mat has received several mentions, awards and accolades. This product was featured on the hit show, Shark Tank where Melissa Gersin, a mother & nurse, pitches the Tranquilo Mat to “Shark Tank” investors . It aired on Season 8, Episode 16.

It was also awarded the 2017 Product of the Year Award from Baby Maternity Magazine, The 2017 Family Choice Award, The Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center. It has received mentions on the Rachael Ray Show, Newsday, Shark Tank, The Bump, The Huffington Post, Fatherly, Forbes, Pop Sugar, and Buzz Feed.

Where to Purchase the Tranquilo

You can buy the Tranquilo Vibrating Mat here

When it comes down to it, you have a lot of options out there for items that are designed to help calm baby or stop crying and fussiness. But this is affordable and practical. It is also a *great* gift to give any new parent.

the tranquilo mat comes in two different sizes

Related Questions

Is the Tranquilo easy to clean? Yes, it is washable and water resistant.

Is there only one size of the mat available?  The mat comes in both a small and a large size to accommodate your baby

When can I start using the Tranquilo Mat?

Unless your baby is born premature, you can start using the Tranquilo Mat as soon as they are delivered. This product works best for younger babies that are 0-4 months but it still great for older babies learning to sleep alone in their cribs or while they are traveling away from home.

How long does the Tranquilo Mat take to work?

Each baby responds diffrently. Most find it instantly soothing, calming within seconds. Some babies may need an adjustment period to get used to the mat but for the most part, this is one of those things that works right from the get go.

What are the most common ways to use the Tranquilo Mat?

Tranquilo Mat can be rolled up or folded for easy transportation to wherever you need to go. Tuck the mat into a babywearing sling or even in your arms while you hold your little one. You can use it in cribs, playpens or on the floor, wherever is convenient for you.  Make sure to follow all safety instructions for the Tranquilo Mat.

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