What is a “Baby Sleep Consultant”, Do You Really Need Their Help?

A Baby Sleep Consultant is a waste of money

What is a baby sleep consultant? Its a person online claiming to be a baby sleep expert – a baby sleep “whisperer” if you will. Someone who is so knowledgeable and has so much experience with baby sleep problems, that all you have to do is describe your problem and BOOM! They will have the answer, tailored just for you and your situation. They will give you some spiel and you are to take that advice, apply it and all your baby sleep problems will be solved.

Do you think it is really necessary to hire a baby sleep consultants to solve your baby’s sleep problems? It sounds really pricey and I am taking a huge risk here by saying what I am about to say since so many sleep consultants and sleep consulting internet companies are going to hate me for exposing them! However, I feel like this is in the best interest of all parents out there looking to get some rest and invest in helping their child sleep.

Don’t invest in a online baby sleep consultant! They are completely useless! That is the truth! Any baby sleep consultant who claims to help you get your baby to sleep is only there to only waste your hard-earned money and time.

Do you know why they are useless? Because they are only reachable by phone or the internet, and that means they cannot be physically there with you. How can they really help you if they aren’t going to be literally right there to properly assess why your baby is not sleeping properly or is wide awake? I am talking about the legions of baby sleep consultants online offering “packages” ranging from $40 all the way to $500 for “membership” to some elite site and access to a network of people who are not really doctors, but claim to be professionals.

Do your own research instead of relying on a stranger telling you how to put your baby to sleep.

You are the only one who knows your baby! Not some stranger over the internet or phone. Only you know what your baby needs, and instead of relying on the help of a pricey yet useless baby sleep consultants- what you need to do is raise your awareness about how to help your baby sleep, and to do it with the help of your own network; including other moms you know in real life, your own mother or mother-in-law (perhaps), your pediatrician and self-education.

Yes, don’t rely on any baby sleep consultants because they are only there to rip you off. They only want your money and nothing more. They come off as  pretending that they are sleep experts but they are not- unless they are pediatricians. Just because on their website it says that they have a Phd, doesn’t really mean they do. Don’t believe everything you read online unless its backed up by a credible authority site, such as a college website like Harvard or Stanford, or the La Leche League even!

And sleep experts who are doctors would never go by calling themselves baby sleep consultant or even sleep expert. They would simply call themselves pediatricians or doctors – right? If you spent 12+ years to get a PhD,  I feel like calling yourself a “Baby Sleep Coach” demotes and diminishes the value of all that education and training you have done.  So, basically if you want to talk to a professional about your infant poor sleeping habits, then you talk to your baby’s pediatrician. Not any so-called baby sleep consultant!

Call other mom friends for the best advice!

And here is the other thing that you need to know. There really is a lot of excellent information around and all you have to do is Google how do I get my baby to sleep at night or tips on helping my baby sleep through the night, and you get the idea.

There are also some amazing mom communities that can give you support or advice. Especially those moms of older kids who have been through the same experience – and have found ways to help their babies sleep from their past. They would also give advice to struggling moms about how they got their babies to sleep at night. Wouldn’t you? Once you found *right the way* to put your little one to sleep, wouldn’t you pass any helpful information to new moms as well?

Why am I so adamant about avoiding a baby sleep consultant? That is because I am talking from experience:

My Experience With A Baby Sleep Consultant

When my son was born, he did not sleep! I mean I expected that my son would not sleep at first because of the fact that newborns don’t sleep through the night since they are constantly needing to be fed and changed. I read this book called, “12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks” and I tried using the strategies explained on my son. But it got to a point when my son was becoming colicky and as a result, sleep was not in the cards for either myself or for him.

My son sleeping with his blankie and giraffe

All night, every night, for 3 months straight I would pace back & forth holding my son, rocking him, bouncing him. But I could never place him down in his bassinet because he would begin to cry. Because I am a single mother, there was no one there to give me a break and trade places with every other night. I was so desperate for some much-needed sleep and therefore, as a result, I did some Googling and I came upon a name of a someone who claimed to be a baby sleep consultant. And because I was so swayed by the term sleep consultant, I thought I found my solution! I seriously believed that this individual had some special secret that would once and for all solve my baby’s sleeping problems!!

So what ended up happening was that I hired this person to give me the solution that I was so desperately seeking. I plunked down$45 for membership, which included a 20-minute Skype consultation. If I wanted a more in depth, longer consultation I had to pay around $100 for a “gold membership” with included a 45 minute consultation. In all honesty, I can compare that experience with being on one of those 1-900 psychic phony lines because I was feeling so rushed to have all of my questions answered.

The Sleep Consultant was nice, friendly, of course – but she didn’t ask me very many questions about my son in particular, like his weight or how much he was eating. She talked about baby sleep in general and told me to rock my baby and place him in his bassinet when he was drowsy but not asleep, and then she told me to say goodnight, shut the door and basically if my son began to cry, to just let him cry himself to sleep. But my son was 3 months old. If you know anything about sleep training, you should know that you are not supposed to let a baby younger than 4 months cry it out. Duh. Obviously this lady had no clue what she was talking about.

When the session was ending, I still had so many questions that were not answered and was left with more during the very short session. As soon as I wanted to ask more, as well as elaborating on the answers to the only a few of my questions that she gave me partial answers to, the so-called sleep consultant basically said to me: “Sorry, that is all we have time for as our session is over. If you want more time for me to answer you more questions, you will need to purchase another session with me”. And that was all I was left with. All I had was a thinner wallet, wasted time, and I was no better off than I was before I contacted that person. At the time I felt like I was in a seriously hopeless situation! However, I knew I had to become more proactive and never fall for a scam like I did at that time.

Therefore, because of that, I was forced to start educating myself on how to get my baby to sleep! So, between the help of my son’s pediatrician, doing my own research and chatting with other moms who have been where I was at the time which helped me increase my own awareness- I finally found a way to help my son sleep through the night! And, I also started sleeping again.

Here’s me holding my son

Now I am in the same position as those other moms who helped me out when I was desperate! I want to help you out and my first suggestion again is to take a deep breath and not spend a dime on any baby sleep consultant. They will rip you off the same way that one did to me! I don’t want you to go through the annoying and aggravating experience of doing that like I did!

So I am here to give you the tips and advice that other experienced moms and my pediatrician gave me at that desperate time in my life! I will also give you a product recommendation that I can tell you were a Godsend to me because it really did help my son start sleeping while he was going through newborn colic!

Tips And Recommendations To Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Even though a newborn cannot go by a schedule as they only have their own internal clock to rely on, there are methods on how you can start getting them to understand the difference between night and day. You can do this as early as the moment you take your baby home for the first time from the hospital. Here are some great recommendations:

  • Make daytime feedings lively, and nighttime feedings quiet and calm. When you are feeding your baby during the day, make sure the blinds or curtains are open so the light from the outside can come in. Talk to your baby, and talk to anyone else in the room. Keep the TV on. Remember, it’s daytime and that is the only way your baby will know this. When you are giving your baby a nighttime feeding, then you will want to keep all of the lights dim. Only whisper to your baby and don’t talk too much either. Nighttime is dark and quiet. Stay consistent by doing this. By the time your baby is 6-weeks-old, he or she will begin to know the difference, and at that point, your baby may start to sleep for longer stretches in the night.
  • Give your baby the chance to fall asleep independently. By the time your baby is 6-weeks-old, his or her sleep-wake cycle begins to develop. If you see your baby is becoming tired, then put your baby on his or her back in the crib or bassinet to sleep. It may take time for your baby to fall asleep and he or she may fuss a little. And don’t be tempted to rock or hold your baby to sleep if that happens because your infant will really start to depend on that to fall asleep. That will end up defeating the purpose in the end. Remember that it can take some babies to fall asleep independently longer than others. But if you are consistent, eventually it will happen.
  • Create a simple bedtime routine. This recommendation applies when the baby is 3-months-old when their sleep-wake cycle is developed. For instance, what you will want to do is give your baby a bath at night, and put him or her into pajamas right after. Then it is bedtime. Keep this routine consistent to be successful with it!
  • Definitely look into the product Baby Sleep Miracle. I want you to remember what I have been taking the time to write about! How anyone who claims to be a baby sleep consultant is a scam artist. And at the same time, if there is a product that I need to recommend because it was a Godsend to me which really was the thing that got my colicky-newborn son to sleep- then I am going to highly recommend it to you.  Baby Sleep Miracle taught me basic sleep guidelines as well as gave me all the tools I needed to help my son sleep throughout the night.
  • Use White Noise!
  • If all else fails, talk to your baby’s pediatrician. If you have tried the tricks and tips I have given you and nothing has worked, and your baby is simply not falling asleep or staying asleep- then you need to address this issue with the baby’s pediatrician because there may be an underlying issue that is preventing your baby to sleep. And please, whatever you do again, do not hire a baby sleep consultant!

If you are feeling so desperate and overwhelmed right now because you are in the position that I was with Oliver when he was a newborn, I promise you that in the end, your baby will sleep. Your baby will also go through something called “Sleep Regression” which I will go into in my next post. Even if again these tips and tricks that I mentioned above did not help you find the solution you were looking for. Like I said before in that kind of situation, that is when it is time to consult with your baby’s pediatrician. That is what they are there for.

But please, whatever you do, never ever look for baby sleep experts or baby sleep consultants or even sleep “coaches” or sleep consultants online. They are only there to drain your wallet. There is no “one secret trick” to making your baby sleep and sleep well. It comes with patience and making adjustments in your life to where only you know adjustments need to be made. You and your doctor are the only people qualified to evaluate the situation. Sleeping is a learned skill and your child will not go off to college still needing a bottle in the middle of the night, so do not worry about it never happening lol. It will.

I hope this answered your question, “What is a baby sleep consultant” and hopefully it has motivated you to do some research on your own to figure out this big mystery that is baby sleep. Please let me know if you have any experience working with a sleep consultant and if it was positive or negative in the comments below!

Click here to read a review of my #1 recommended product, ‘Baby Sleep Miracle’

Hi Sophia

One of the most effective ways that worked for me with all three of mine was white noise, in particular, the sound of a hairdryer. I noticed it with the first baby, that every time I turned the hairdryer on, he would fall straight to sleep.

It was so effective that I actually found a video on Youtube (I searched hairdryer noise and literally found a video of someone holding a powered on hairdryer for an hour) and anytime any of them were fussy (day or night) I’d put on the video on my phone and leave it close by and it worked like a charm every time.

LOL! Yup! This is a great example of using white noise to calm your baby. Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and even a ceiling fan can count as white noise. Youtube is full of videos of white noise but they usually have ads in them, so while you are playing some peaceful white noise for your baby, all the sudden an advertisement will come on and totally disrupt the ambience you got going. Baby will not like to be interrupted by a commercial. It is probably best to purchase a white noise machine that has different soundscapes to choose from. 

I agree that you don’t need a sleep consultant. Though they might be able to help some by giving you some tips, there’s nothing they provide that you can’t find for free on the Internet.
However, I do agree with leaving your baby in his bed when it’s time to sleep even if he starts to cry. As a mother of four boys, I’ve found that, when my baby is crying and I’ve done everything I can to make sure he has what he needs, sometimes the best thing you can do is just lay them down to sleep in a quiet room.
This will help your baby so they don’t need to be in your arms to fall asleep.
If they cry for more than a couple minutes I would go back in to check on them but don’t pick them up every single time they cry. This teaches your baby that if they cry, mom will hold them.

Sleep consultants are a novelty that you don’t need unless you are Kate Middleton and you can afford to be frivolous like that. I also agree that its okay to let your baby cry for a bit in his bed when you have made sure to meet every other need your baby could possibly have ( diaper change, hungry, cold / hot, etc ) as you said, your baby will become conditioned to cry and expect you to come and pick her up each time. That could be your undoing. So the best thing to do is to let your baby know that you love them, kiss them, place them in their bed while they are drowsy but not sleeping and slowly leave the room. It really is for the better interests for everyone. 

Hi Sophia! Thanks so much for posting this article. I am definitely going to try some of the techniques you suggested on my newborn! He also cries every time we put him down on his bed, so it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to your suggestions. Here’s to hoping we get some success, and some much needed sleep time for the parents!

Hi Eugene, congratulations on your new baby. I hope you didn’t misunderstand my post. Please remember not to let your newborn cry at all. If you place him in his bed and he begins to cry then please pick him up and soothe him. Newborns are too little to “sleep train” or to let cry. Once your baby is 4 to 6 months then you can start implementing sleep training strategies but not on a newborn baby. The difference is your newborn, is well… NEW. And waking up throughout the night is normal and needs to happen so your newborn can eat. Read this article for more information its about establishing good sleep habits for your newborn so that when they reach 4 months you are able to sleep train then.

It’s a big problem to have a baby who don’t sleep the night ,it makes the mother tired .
It’s a good idea to talk about the probleme and how to end it, so that fake doctors on line can not scamme other people even more …!!!

There are all sorts of scams online, even for mothers looking to find solutions to their babies sleep problems. The best thing to do, if you don’t feel comfortable making any decisions, is to ask your pediatrician for sure!

Your baby is the most precious being in your life. And since babies can’t still tend for themselves, it is your responsibility to give the love, care, and security that they need. Sadly, even though they are your topmost priority, there are still other things on the priority list that need your attention. But getting a baby sleep consultant is the lazy mans way out!
Amazing article, by the way!

I couldn’t agree with you more. Your baby is the absolute most important thing in your life. With all the other important things we need to worry about on a daily basis, its no wonder why it feels so stressful when we can’t figure out how to help our babies fall asleep. I can understand why some moms would resort to getting a baby sleep coach because out of desperation, you want to be able to ask a “professional” – but the only real professional is YOU, and of course your doctor.

I had no idea there was even such a thing as a baby sleep consultant! Just those words sounds absolutely ridiculous to me! I am a first time mom and like you said, no one knows your baby like YOU do! They can’t physically be there at all! I’m glad you posted about your personal experience with them! I can understand why you tried them out from such lack of sleep and help ! Great post and super informative

Why thank you 🙂 there are all kinds of baby products and services out there that are meant to be “helpful” but are just expensive and useless. Like Baby wipe warmers and “pee pee tee pees” to prevent from getting sprayed during changing time. But yeah, because of a lack of sleep and desperation I ended up falling for the baby sleep coach scam. I don’t want any other mother to go through what I did!

Wow this is such a comprehensive and informative article! I’ve never thought about hiring a sleep consultant even though all my babies had problem sleeping through the night until they were past 2 years old! Like you said, who knows them better than their own mother, which I fully agree with! It would be so weird having a consultant who may never have had a child herself yet, to give advice on your child’s sleep pattern and behaviour!

Well thank you so much Joo. I think most babies are poor sleepers since sleeping is a learned skill. No one knows baby like mommy does! However, its still a new relationship and mommy is still getting to know baby as well 🙂 But better to go with mommy gut instinct rather than invest in a “baby sleep coach”.

Hi Sophia, It’s been years since I’ve had to succumb to babies waking through the night, 26 years exactly. It’s amazing how much information is available NOW that can help new mothers with their newborns. I wish I had this valuable information that you’re sharing here, back then. Pretty cool experiment, Glad you got the results you were looking for in order to share that information with your readers.
P.S. Oliver is ADORABLE! 🙂

Thank you so much!! It feels good knowing another mom, that has kids who are now grown up, feels what I offer is is valuable and informative! That means I know what I am talking about.

As far as I know, my grandparents never hired a sleep consultant. My parents never did either. By the way, the Internet did not exist in those days and phones were hard to come by. Despite this, we thrived.

I currently have two kids and never felt the need to have a baby sleep consultant. Why would I want to take the advice of someone who didn’t even know my baby or its habits?

So sorry you had a terrible experience with a baby sleep consultant. I can imagine many desperate mothers will certainly resort to using the services of a baby sleep consultant. I know how distressing it can be for a parent when their baby is going through newborn colic and can’t blame parents who try all possible strategies, including hiring a baby sleep consultant. This post is a good reminder that we don’t sleep consultants to tell us how to put our babies to sleep.

You make a really good point. Long, long ago all we had was ourselves & our inner circle of people to rely on for information and advice. Now with the internet you can figure out how to do just about anything. I actually think its a great thing, because it means universal wisdom for everyone. With all this free information, you shouldn’t have to pay someone to ‘coach’ you on how to help your baby sleep. At the time I was at my wits end and looking for a quick solution. But in life there are no quick solutions lol as cliche as that sounds. Getting baby on a sleep schedule is an ordeal onto itself, as to getting naps down, and making sure your baby doesn’t roll over on their stomach, what if your baby wakes up crying all the time etc…. there is no snap your finger fix it method for any of these unfortunately. 

Sometimes with the lack of sleep and feeling insecure, *new* moms might migrate towards getting sold on the idea that there is an “expert” out there who knows better than they, about how to manage their baby’s sleep problem. The inability to make any real decisions on your little ones sleep schedule may be the reason why some people resort to paying someone else the responsibility of making a “recipe” of things to do in order to have baby sleep success. But only you really know your own baby.


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