Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine Review

The Sound+Sleep SE Machine is your all-in-one solution for relaxation, sound masking and better sleep.

This SE unit has multiple sound profiles that consist of not only fan sounds and white noise, but also more natural sounds like a waterfall, meadow, rain and ocean. Beyond the built in sounds, there is a 3.5mm audio input to give the option to listen to music on its high-fidelity speaker.

Sound+Sleep SE

Features You’ll Love

Beautiful design, the Sound+Sleep SE is a very authentic sound machine with plenty of useful features that can even help your baby sleep when other kids are running around. Let’s take a look at the most pleasing features of this sleep sound machine:

Unique sound profiles

The Sound+Sleep SE is built with a library of 64 unique sound profiles that play a varied mix of high definition, non-repeating sounds. All in all, the audio quality on this unit is excellent with no looping, repetitive effect that can often impact the sleep.

Sound selecting

Use the central dial to select the unique sound environment. Available options include baby, rides, home, crowds, meditate, small fan, large fan, white noise, brown noise, waterfall, meadow, rainfall, ocean, brook and city. Also, a ‘Selection’ button gives the option to use one of four different sound variations.

Selecting the standard white noise is a great option to soothe a fussing baby and boost sleep – though there are plenty of other options to help block disruptive noises.

Adaptive sound

A quick press of the ‘Adaptive’ button will instantly active the built-in microphone to monitor the sound quality of the local environment. The Sound+Sleep SE listens and responds to your local environment. It can automatically adjust the audio volume to counteract the potential sleep disturbing noise.

This is certain to be a benefit in a baby’s room, especially if there are older children elsewhere in the home who are likely to be playing and running around while your baby is napping. However, if there is no competing sound in the home there is no real need to activate this particular function.

Display control and sleep timer

The front display of this sound machine can be dimmed to give the distraction-free rest. Plus, there is the option to set a sleep timing to either turn off the unit after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes or simply reduce the volume at these time intervals to make it easier to drift off to sleep.

Dual power ports

The Sound+Sleep SE is built with audio input, dual USB power ports, and a headphone jack for private relaxation, listening to your own music, or for charging.

Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine


  • Practical for both the child’s room and adults
  • Many different sound profiles to use; the brain is less likely to get used to listening to the same sound
  • Audio quality is excellent
  • A useful option to turn off the dial lights
  • Adaptive setting is a nice feature to automatically adjust the audio volume
  • Very effective at drowning out external noises that might awaken or disturb a person trying to sleep
  • No annoying looping effect


  • The cluster of buttons isn’t the easiest to use in low-light or if you wear glasses


Overall, the Sound+Sleep SE is the perfect choice for those looking to splurge on a high-end white noise machine. Whether it is for the baby’s room or adults, this sleep sound machine is a very satisfactory purchase. Even though there are plenty cheaper models out there, you will definitely notice the difference in quality with this one. Plus, it has such a varied portfolio of sounds to choose from. While the adaptive sound feature may not be for everyone – many preferred to leave the volume at a constant level – it is a really nice feature. It is certain to benefit a baby’s room when there are others active in the home while your baby is sleeping. It does take up a bit of space (7.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches) on a shelf or bedside table, but still has a stylish and sleek design.

Check the price of Sound+Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine HERE

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Sound + Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

I’ve just checked it on Amazon and the reviews were amazing, I couldn’t resist not buying it! Keeping my fingers crossed Arianna will make friends with it and finally follow a sleeping schedule, I’m bushed, I just can’t take it anymore… We opted for co-sleeping with a bedside crib so I can control the sound machine at all times, hopefully this works for us. This is my first baby and I feel useless, I read everything but I’m left facing situations that I can’t seem to control…

Hang in there Cora! You will soon have peaceful nights when you get your Sound + Sleep machine. I assure you that you made a wise decision in purchasing this sound machine because it comes with 30 different sound scapes! You will find that even when you baby is not napping, you will enjoy using it because it provides an air of “ambiance” in any room – it can be very soothing for all members of the household, not just baby. You might want to read this article on establishing good sleep habits for your newborn, there is some good advice there that I think will benefit you.

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Thank you for an informative review about SE Sound Machine. My kids are teenagers now but when they were younger, I used a CD player to play different back ground music to lull them to sleep. Now, they do not want to do that any more. Perhaps, I can introduce this sound machine to them. My daughter occasionally has a hard time falling asleep because of over stimulated brain, maybe? This could help her calm her mind and relax her body. Thank you!

Wondering what type of batteries does it use? Is it rechargeable?

The SE Sound Machine is good for all ages and everyone in the family. It has dual USB power ports so its rechargeable and doesn’t require or use batteries.

Hi Sophia,
I am actually in search of a spare sound machine for the day home for my baby. The one we have is good, but this one looks so advanced and I love it. I think we could just leave this one in my baby’s room and bring the other one in the day home.
I love that it has a variety of sounds. We primarily use white noise though. Do you know if the white noise sounds equal and does not break down? Also will the machine work through the night well?

Having a white noise machine in babies room, as well as in the house, is a great idea because it decreases distraction by covering up noises that could keep your baby awake or disturb you if you are doing a quiet activity while your baby is sleeping, such as reading or catching up on some work on the computer. I love the Sound + Sleep machine because not only does it have a variety of sounds but none of the noises “loop” so there are no repeating, annoying sounds… everything is authentic and because it can stay on for hours, and also has a sleep timer if you wish, it will work wonderful through the night.

Hello. You have picked a great topic to teach us about. I wish mine were still young so I could apply some of these great tactics. One thing though that you did mention on keeping them on a schedule including their meals. Well that brought back memories of my daughter when she was younger. Supper was her set schedule for sure. She expected her supper every night at an certain time and let me tell you what it was not a pretty sight if it was late.
Kids are great and you have done a great job giving some helpful hints to those very tired parents out there.

Thank you so much! That makes me really happy to know that parents of children of all ages enjoy reading my articles and agree with what I am saying 🙂

This sounds like a great product. I have a couple of other (cheap) sound machines for my daughter and they are very reptitive. Enough to drive anyone bonkers. Sometimes you have to spend a little more money to get a better quality product.

White noise and pink noise are SO helpful for babies’ sleep and ensuring healthy sleep patterns! Nap times can be especially tricky since the rest of the world is still operating while our little ones sleep (or try to!) which means road noise, garbage trucks, dogs barking, construction crews, children playing, you name it! Having a sound machine can really save the day by helping baby get those naps in! This particular sound machine looks very nice! I love the option to have the volume turn down at set time intervals! And the fact that it has so many sound options means it can be used by parents when babies no longer need it!

Really love this product and wished it had been around when my children were babies, I also like the fact you can use it for adults to, we live in a stressful world and many people struggle to relax, this could be just the thing to chill out at the end of a busy day. I can see what you mean by many buttons and trying to select if you have low lighting., I would need my glasses to operate this. Do you know if this product can be bought in the UK ? I think any mother who has a restless baby would sure appreciate something like this my grandson was not so good at sleeping, my daughter was often very tired with sleepless nights.

HI Sophia! I love the niche you choose, as you have the potential to help so many new mothers. If there is one thing that I have learned by having three kids, it that sleep and sleep schedules are everything!
I am interested in the product that you are reviewing, especially the ability to counteract disturbing noises and 64 unique sounds…who would have thought such a thing is possible?
Which sounds have you had the best luck with helping your son sleep?
I was also wondering if you have ever tried essential oils, notably Lavender OIl? That always helped my children calm down when I added it to the bath water.
Keep up the good work!

Hi Colleen, I really appreciate your comment because as a new mother, I truly enjoy learning about my baby and passing the knowledge of what I have learned to other new moms as well. Yes ;the Sound + Sleep machine has 64 unique sounds, and my son seems to really lull to sleep when I play the rainfall or the ocean soundscape. Personally, I really enjoy listening to “city” soundscape, its pretty neat! I also enjoy the scent of Lavender and keep a bottle of essential oil near my bed. For my son, I use Burts Bees Lavender body lotion and you are right, it does help the little ones chill out 😉 

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 


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