What is a Smart Sleeper?

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying anything to do with a newborn baby, which can be anything from the clothes they wear, the products they use, to where they sleep. When you have a newborn, you want to keep your baby close – in comes the SNOO Smart Sleeper.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Safe Sleep experts, it is recommended that babies sleep in the same room with parents for the first six months and having a safe bassinet makes this possible without having to make space for a full-size crib.

When buying any sleeping accommodations for an infant, it must meet and comply with all the mandatory Federal Safety Standards for Bassinets that went into effect in 2014 that are set to prevent infant injuries and fatalities that often occur as a result of poorly constructed cribs, cradles, and bassinets.

Bassinets should meet the following standards:

  • Have adequate spacing of rigid components to prevent entrapment
  • It should be structurally sufficient to hold a baby’s weight
  • It should be stable to prevent slipping or tipping over
  • The gaps between the sleeping pad and non-rigid sides of a fabric should be sufficient enough to prevent suffocation or asphyxiation
  • The side height of the bassinet should prevent falls
  • The mattress should be firm to prevent asphyxiation
  • If the bassinet swings or rocks it should be stable enough to prevent falls or entrapment
  • It should meet the flammability requirements, and the surface coating must not contain any paint that has more than 90 ppm or 0.009% of lead
  • The bassinet should have warning and instructional literature that informs parents about all infant fall and suffocation hazards while using the product

These standards ensure the bassinet is stable, durable and the requirements for mattresses and other soft parts of the bassinet are there primarily to reduce the risk of suffocation or entrapment.

Additionally, most bassinet brands have been designed to have a weight limit of 15 to 20 pounds or an age range, usually 4 to 6 months, which is why (depending on the baby’s weight and development) it is advisable to check the instructions for the weight limit as well as when to discontinue using the product.

As far as comfort is concerned, most parents favor a rocking bassinet – nothing wrong with that, but once a baby learns to move around a little the weight shifting around in a rocking bassinet introduces safety hazards where the child becomes trapped against one side and quickly pose a suffocation hazard.

Portability is also key to a good bassinet as it makes it easy to move around the house so that the baby can always be near you. For this, it should either have a sturdy set of wheels with a safety latching mechanism to prevent the risk of rolling off or be easily folded and taken apart to allow easy movability, storage or travel.

With all that in mind, how does the SNOO Smart Sleeper compare?

Bassinets are available in many different styles, from sleek modern to classic and frilly, which can leave some parents wondering how on earth they should go about choosing what’s best for their newborn.

Does the SNOO meet all the all fundamental safety sleep requirements, such as protecting against asphyxiation, steadiness, small parts, pinching, entrapment hazards, unintentional folding, loading, minimum side height, and sharp edges, paint and surface coating as well as safety warnings and features?

At around $1200, the SNOO Smart Sleeper ticks all the boxes because it is not only a well-designed bassinet that is aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides one of the safest and most cuddly sleeping environment for a newborn. Just so you know you can rent the Snoo for just dollars a day and own one risk free in your home, Rent Your SNOO Today

Apparently Beyonce and Jay-Z bought six  SNOO Smart Sleepers for their twin babies. Apparently they are such big fans of this product that they purchased six because they needed a pair for their 3 different houses. But then again they are a billionaire couple, so they can afford six SNOOs, no problem.

This bassinet was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp

Based on his top-selling parenting book “The Happiest Baby on The Block,” Dr. Karp emphasizes on the five “S” concept of calming a baby, which are swaddling, safe positioning, shushing, swinging, and sucking, three of which the SNOO embraces – swaddling, shushing and swinging.

Aside from the impeccable design, the built-in swaddle of SNOO Smart Sleeper is one of its best features are it recreates the snug packaging inside the womb. This not only creates a calming effect, but to also ensure that the baby does not roll over to its side or stomach while asleep, consequently securing the child and reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Another fantastic feature of this bassinet is that it is designed to respond to a baby’s cries, thanks to its built-in soothing technique, which uses sensors and artificial intelligence app to play white noise based on how loud the crying is.

We all know by now that crying is normal for babies when they’re wet, hungry, frightened, or tired, it also helps them develop their little lungs, but a baby with colic cries excessively and may sometimes feel better after passing gas or have a bowel movement.

Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and while colic tends to improve significantly between 3 and 4 months or by using over-the-counter solutions like gripe water and antigas drops, the SNOO Smart Sleeper can now help mums and dads around the world soothe their baby’s discomfort and maybe get a few winks of sleep themselves.

The best way to imitate the shushing sounds, jiggly or rumbly qualities of the womb is by using white noise specially engineered to calm a baby’s crying and boost sleep. 

The SNOO has been designed to adjust the levels of rocking and white noise and ramps up its motion as well as sound depending on the baby’s needs.

In cases where the baby is unable to settle down and continues to be fussy or distressed despite the bassinet’s rocking, either due to either hunger or discomfort, the SNOO automatically shuts down to alert you that the baby might need your attention.

What’s more impressive about this bassinet is that it not only tracks a baby’s progress in a sleep log but the easy to customize mobile app offers weaning options that let you know when it’s time to transition your infant to a crib.

Easy to assemble

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is not only easy to set up and ticks all the boxes as far as safety is concerned, but some of its features are also worth mentioning, for starters, this well-crafted bassinet that can put your baby to sleep with a simple push of a button comes with a 1-year warranty. SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinets come in 30” L × 16” W × 32” H with legs to hold babies that weigh up to 38 lb. and include additional accessories such as:

  • One mattress
  • 1 fitted 100% cotton fitted sheet
  • 3- SNOO Sacks (S, M & L) hip-safe, made with 100% organic cotton and breathable mesh to provide ample room and prevent risky overheating.
  • Custom motor optimized for quiet and reliability
  • Three white-noise sounds specifically engineered to calm crying and enhance sleep
  • Cutting-edge audio processing to distinguish cries from ambient sounds

The best on the market

SNOO has been named of the world’s safest and first responsive bassinet that calms cries quickly and boosts sleep with the rumbly sound, and gentle rocking babies love in the womb.

It has not only garnered praise from pediatricians and scientists, but also from parents who worry about the risks of incorrect swaddling, SIDS, overheating, hip problems, and loose fabric wrapping around a baby’s face.

The bassinet never poses the risks, of unraveling as it stays snug, it has no loose blankets to cover the baby’s face and consequently reduces the risk of a baby suffocating or rolling to risky positions. SNOO has won 14 major accredited awards, as well as the National Sleep Foundation’s innovation prize for the first baby bed that features adjustable and automated rocking motions, white noise generation, and a unique swaddle that prevents risky rolling, as well as a variety of safety and comfort features that prevent the top risk factors for SIDS.

The first years of a child are important and paramount to their cognitive processing as well as behavior and self-regulation and what you do as a parent to ensure that these processes take place seamlessly matters.

Ensuring that a baby gets at least 7-12 hours of comfortable, uninterrupted and restful sleep is important for sensory development during their first year of life that the brain needs to learn to control both gross and fine motor actions, talking, impulse control, the appetite for lifelong learning, and complex motor sequences.

As Dr. Harvey Karp’s book “The Happiest Baby on the Block” suggests, the keys to a baby’s good sleep are swaddling, safe positioning, shushing (white noise), swinging, and sucking. Based on the 5 S’s that helps calm babies and ease them into sleep, where else would you find a better sleep environment other than from the innovative SNOO Smart Sleeper that ensures that your baby stays safely on his or her back all night thereby, alleviating the risk of SIDS

If the $1200 price tag seems a little daunting, there is good news! You can rent the Snoo for just dollars a day.

Click here to rent (or buy) your SNOO today for just dollars a day

You will not regret getting one for your baby. Definitely better nights to come when you have one of these in your home. By renting the Snoo instead of purchasing it, you can try it out in your home risk free. So you really have nothing to lose! Better nights to come for you and your little one. Rent your Snoo today! 

We have known for years that a baby should spend it’s first six months alongside it’s parents, which is why modern hospitals have babies in the room and not in a separate nursery.

I love the idea of the white music.  It must be so relaxing for the baby as it hears familiar sounds.

A wonderful product and a very informative review.

Hallo there Sophia, 

Nice to be here.

I have to say that snoo smart sleeper is by far the best bassinet I have seen. 

I have been researching on bassinets for my pregnant wife and the features I have seen with this, I am surely going to get it.

I know my wife is going to love me for this genius bassinet.

Thanks a bunch. 🙂

Having The Snoo will make those early days with your new baby much more easy going, enjoyable and less stressful. You will be very glad you made this purchase.

The Snoo!  I really iike how it is so useful and comes  in different styles.I bought a rocking cradle for my son.  I also lent it to a friend so her newborn could rock to sleep in comfort.

Obviously a bassinet must be safe and comfortable for newborns otherwise they would start to cry.  Personally, I played music on my earphones while pregnant.  And also had music playing softly in the background at night.  When Nathan was born I played the same music 24/7 to tune his ears so he would recognise perfect pitch.

It worked.  I believe calm soft music does wonders for the emotional well being of newborns and also adults.  When there are children in the house, Mum needs all the rest she can get!

So thank God for a Snoo (for the baby)!

I wish I would have been as smart as to put earphones on my pregnant belly! Never considered doing that but would make sense so that when they are born, they will remember the tune and be comforted by it. Genius!

I like the snoo because it prevents flat head syndrome, You can’t really use it after you are newborn so that is why it was a good idea for you to pass it along to another mom with a new baby. That is the best way to save money when it comes to baby needs.

That is some bassinet!  I am going to let my daughter know about this as she is pregnant with my first grandson.  I don’t know if she’ll have the same problems with her son that I had with her!  She was a colicky baby!  Thank you for introducing me to this product!

This looks like a great product to help ensure that the baby is safe and secure. I was wondering about the actual mattress that comes with it, how thick is it? I understand that if a mattress is too thick, that it can be a safety concern? No way do I want to expose the baby to a preventable safety concern. 

The mattress is actually a very think and breathable lining that acts like a hammock for your baby to lie in. It is not thick or bulky at all.

Oh my goodness these are the cutest bassinets ever. I remember when my kids were babies, we didn’t have any of these adorable options. The are so modern and chic, I just love them. I will send this to any person expecting a baby soon. This is just a must have for your newborn. Thank you for sharing. 

They are very modern and sleek looking. The Snoo is very lightweight and looks appropriate in any household setting. Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian are said to have both purchased The Snoo for their babies. You have to admit, it is a very trendy baby item. The Snoo is meant for a family that is looking for the highest quality bassinet for their newborn.

Hello Sophia!

I want to tell you that this is the first time I hear about the Snoo Smat Sleeper, I´m not yet a father, but soon my wife and I want to have a baby, so this type of articles have helped us to see what is the best recomandable in products, clothes, ideas so the baby can sleep better, etc.It has definitely attracted my attention and I am anxious to show it to my wife, I think it would be a very good choice for our future baby.

Thanks for the info.

Thank you so much for letting us know about this awesome bassinet! We are looking into doing foster care for infants and this Snoo Bassinet would fill the bill perfectly! Our granddaughter whom we are raising is 5 now and out of that size bed for a long time now!

As foster parents, everything, including the beds for the children have to meet standards and/or codes. Since this one meets all of the current ones, it would be ideal.

However, it is a bit out of our price range. Can you recommend another bassinet that will be a little more in our price range of a couple of hundred dollars? Since we are planning to have up to five infants at a time, we would need to have one for each.

I will have to check out Dr. Harvey Karp’s book “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. It sounds like it would be a very good book to have and learn from. Can you suggest where I might get a copy?

Thank you again! 

Hi there, you can pick up a copy of Dr.Harvey Karp’s book, “The Happiest Baby on the Block” at amazon or any book retailer. Its a classic read.

I understand what you mean by budget. The Snoo is really spendy but its the highest quality bassinet in the market. If you are in the few hundred dollar range, there are still other types of bassinets that are appropriate for a newborn and very high quality. I suggest the Rock N’ Play Sleeper by Fischer Price, read more about it here


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