Why The Rock N’ Play Sleeper Rocks

Lucky are the parents of a baby who can easily sleep through the night and day without needing much others need more than a good feed, a bath and a cuddle, which is where a customized Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper comes in handy to provide a few minutes of soothing sounds and vibrations for a baby’s comfort.

The first few weeks or even months are not always indicative of the kind of sleeper a baby is because some go through a 4-month period where no amount nursing, rocking, feeding, singing an infant to sleep before bed or nap time works.

It’s not uncommon to find many an exhausted new mom nodded off with their baby sprawled across her lap after breastfeeding.

And while most new parents opt for co-sleeping, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that co-sharing a space with a child nestled up on a breastfeeding pillow is a serious baby sleep mistake due to the risk of dropping or smothering the baby.

Share a Room with Baby

You can have baby right next to you at night

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests co-sharing a room until a baby is about 6-months because, after this age, a child is able to fit comfortably in a full crib and sleep soundly in their own room.

Parents who are hoping to sleep-train their newborn child can start first by using a Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper instead of a crib because failure to it becomes more challenging to teach independent sleep if the baby is frequently sleeping next to them. Additionally, bassinets are small, typically portable, and the perfect little bed for a newborn baby, which a new parent can move right next to their bed.

But before jumping headfirst and buying the first bassinet you come across, there are a few things to put into consideration such as:

  • Safety – The bassinet should have 100% breathable mesh on every side to mitigate the risks of a child being smothered. There should be no harmful substances in the material used in making the bassinet, and the mattress should be firm, an inch or so thick and have little to no gaps between it and the sides of the bed
  • Portability – It should be easy to take apart and put back together in a matter of minutes. It should also allow for easy movability and storage
  • The bassinet should consist of a wide and stable base to reduce the risks of it tipping over
  • It should be a bed that fits a baby’s every need such as diaper changing

The Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper is an inclined sleeper that is small, portable, compact and lightweight, therefore, making it the ideal seat that can boost a baby’s sleep thanks to the back and forth motion that provides a gentle, calming effect.

While marred by controversy, one of the things that most parents like about this portable sleeper is that it keeps the baby at just the right angle for comfortable sleeping.

You won’t have to worry about flat head syndrome

Studies show that babies spend much more time face up, (up to eight hours a day even night) consequently putting more pressure on their developing skulls.

Although this has dramatically reduced the incidence of cot death, it has also precipitated the rise of what is now known as Flat Head Syndrome, where the full weight of a baby’s head rests on the back of their skulls.

While it comes in handy in terms of cradling and comforting a baby, it’s recommended that parents should limit the time a child spends on an inclined seat and compensate for this by giving babies plenty of floor play on their tummy in order to give the skull the freedom to grow normally.

The Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper is an ideal product for busy parents who have a lot on their play with schedules to meet and don’t have enough time to spend with their child in their arms.

New moms who are looking for the most basic of baby-soothing devices, but do not necessarily want to fill every inch of their home with bulky cribs, swings, or rockers can use the Rock N’ Play Sleeper that serves different functions.

Great features for fussy babies

This sleeper is not only lightweight and compact, but it also includes helpful features such as vibration and auto-rocker that make soothing your baby a simple task.

Additionally, babies who suffer from reflux or what’s known as gastroesophageal reflux (GER) after feeding need to sit or sleep in a more upright position, which is what this product provides.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents not to let babies sleep in sitting/ inclined devices such as strollers, car seats, swings, slings, etc. and to move them to a flat surface as soon as they fall asleep. This is one of the main concern that has been raised with the semi-reclined sleep positions, as seen in the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

Most parents are concerned that this infant sleep position may compromise a child’s airway and restrict breathing, which consequently, greatly increases the risk of SIDS. You also should consider getting a baby breathing monitor for your newborn while they sleep.

There is a lot of pressure placed on parents to buy all the latest baby gear that serves multiple purposes such as entertainment, but most importantly, help soothe their little one off to dreamland.

The newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper gets a thumbs-up on a few things such as a 3-point safety harness intended to keep smaller babies secure, and heavier and more mobile babies from tipping over.

Great support for baby’s little body

Keeping baby supported in a swing or bouncer is critical, and while it is suggested that these devices should have a five-point harness whenever possible, the most important and basic thing is for a product to have a built-in head support that provides both safety and stability.

A sleeper’s harness should also keep a baby from rolling out of the seat and plunging to the ground and include non-slip feet that keeps it steady and in place.

Calming a fussy baby comes down to mastering the art of distraction, which can be anything from rocking the baby, swinging him or her in different directions, playing white noises, swaddling them or providing them with good vibrations.

An important note about mold!

The Rock ‘n Play Sleeper rocks with just a gentle push and has a gentle vibration feature in place to help soothe even the fussiest baby.

It also makes clean up a breeze thanks to the machine washable seat pad, which brings us to a noteworthy point.  There has been a recent recall on this product due to mold forming between the removable fabric and plastic molding.

Mold can easily grow on clothes made of cotton or other organic materials and fabric if you have too much moisture in your home because such fabrics make great food sources for mold and mildew to live on.

The good news is that the fabric used on the Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper is machine washable and the best way to wash it is in hot water as it is more effective in removing mold spores and allergens too.

It is also advisable that after washing the machine-washable seat pad in hot water to hang it outside because the sun has a natural bleaching effect that not only fades mold, but the sun’s ultraviolet light also helps to kill mold.

In most cases, mold will also thrive in damp, wet or sweaty clothes and a baby sleeper is no exception to some of these conditions especially from drooling, accidental diapers or food spills.

It is recommended that each time you notice any wetness on the baby sleeper’s seat pad, and it’s not laundry day, to remove it as soon as possible and hang it to dry outside in order to mitigate any risk of mold starting to grow on it.

In conclusion

Parents who are looking for a safe and comfortable place to place their newborn down unsupervised for a few minutes, the Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper provides that no-fuss, hands-free spot that has a recessed interior that softly cradles baby and props it at the perfect angle.

Not only can this portable sleeper be adjusted to different positions, the semi-reclined position allows the baby to feel like it is being held plus it also bounces and sways to keep rocking the baby for when mom or dad’s hands are full.

When buying a baby bassinet, cradle, or a bedside sleeper, always ensure that they have a seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to ensure that the manufacturers have met all safety standards after lab testing.

Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for weight and size and discontinue using the product when your baby can roll over, push up on his hands and knees, or sit up by himself.

Your baby won’t use the Rock ‘N’ Play Sleeper  for long, therefore, look for one that is good-sized, comfy, interactive and doesn’t pose any safety hazards.

Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play comes in green, blue or grey.

You can get it at Amazon

Dear Sophia,

Thanks a lot for the valuable and helpful information.

My wife and me are expecting our baby in a few months. And I enjoyed reading your article.

Thanks for the detailed review on rock N’ play sleeper. The features and benefits sounds great and thanks for the advice on flat head syndrome. 

I shared your article with my wife and we got new insights from your review post.

Once I was in a hospital, there was a huge noise and crying, I went to see what happened and there was a very cute baby girl (less than 6 months) and doctor saying to her parents child died in the night itself many hours ago, if you would have brought her immediately we would have saved her but now it’s too late. Her mother while crying said “I thought she is sleeping.” While reading about the breathing monitor in your post I remembered this incident. If they had this monitor they would have saved their little one.

Thanks again for the great post!


Oh I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love that you can put the baby right next to the bed like that, and I think it’s way more practical than a big,bulky bassonet.  Besides, with the bassonet, you really can’t even see inside at the baby unless you get up and look into it.  With the Rock N Play, you can just look over at the baby, it’s perfect.  Yes, my daughter-in-law is going to absolutely love this.  Thanks again,


Your welcome! I like the Rock N’ Play because just you said, you can place it next to your bed and be able to see your baby. I hope your daughter-in-law enjoys it!

I was just curious.  Is it really necessary for a bed to include diaper changing?  Personally, I would not feel comfortable with that.

It’s great that the Rock n Play supports babies’ heads. I will keep it in mind.

I didn’t see a link to Amazon on your site.  I only saw Ebay.  Can you change that?

Hi Shira, you don’t have to change baby’s diaper on your bed if you don’t find that sanitary, they make special changing mats that you can lay down first before changing your baby.

I also fixed the amazon link, thank you for letting me know about that

Thank you for such an awesome idea.  Our youngest is due next May, and while planning a shower her sisters were asking me what else they could get for her.  I’m going to share you link with them.  

I wish they had something like this when mine were babies!  Although ours pretty much slept through the night, it would’ve helped on those not so good nights.

Is it very expensive??


Hey Laura! No its not very expensive at all. The Rock N Play Sleeper ranges in price from $38 to $79; whereas The Snoo is over a thousand dollars. 

Oh yes, this is the one I am getting my daughter-in-law. I love love love that its washable, and I also love that it helps prevent that flat head syndrome that so many babies get. It’s so cute and cuddly looking, and the price is awesome. I really appreciate you going over all the features.

What a great idea for a new baby!

My daughter is having a hard time, now, getting her baby to sleep through the night on his own, because he’s been beside her so long in her bed. This would have been the ideal way to get him used to sleeping on his own.

I will have to show her your article so she’s better prepared for her next newborn.

Thanks for the great review,


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