10 New Baby Care Tips For The Single Mom

10 New Baby Care Tips For The Single Mom

Having a baby is sort of like entering a dark tunnel. Since we can’t see the other end of the tunnel and since we are all by ourselves in this journey of parenthood, we wonder what the hell we have gotten ourselves into!? Five years later we come out of that phase having had much less sleep than we might have hoped for, however we think, it wasn’t that bad after all. Those hard days become hard to remember.

Even though everything we are doing is new regarding baby, it doesn’t really take that long to figure out how to handle your own kid. I mean, even though babies don’t come along attached with a zip file of instructions, they sure as hell express their needs LOUD & CLEAR. As far as our experience goes, new little babies don’t understand that everything we are doing is the first time around for us as it is for them – So take it easy on me kiddo. Here are 10 new baby care tips for the single mom.

The best new baby care tip you need to realize and accept is that you and baby will be by your lonesome.

Maybe you got artificial insemination, or your partner decided to kick rocks or YOU decided to kick rocks and kick him to the curb, OR if your baby daddy isn’t employed, housed and has a reckless lifestyle.  Whatever the reason why he isn’t in you or your baby’s life,  it might be hard for you to swallow, or you might be panged with guilt. Don’t be. Yes, right now you are solo and you are in this journey for the LONG HAUL so you better buckle down and know what you are dealing with in terms of how you plan on living the rest of your life now that you got this little peanut to take care of all by yourself.

Among the excitement that follows the birth of your baby, more than likely your entire extended family will be there to help you, your mother will be best source of new baby care tips and be even more involved in helping you take care of your baby because you are a single mom and whether you think it’s a stigma or not, most families will extend themselves because they want to help. It’s all because they love you so allow your family to help you out in those first few weeks when your baby is new and delicate and you are sore & exhausted from no sleep virtually every night.

  • If you are not in the mood for visitors and you have the type of family who just shows up and doesn’t call beforehand you can put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your front door along with a note pad and a pen hanging in case anyone wants to leave you a note that they stopped by.
  • Turn off your cell phone when you do not want to answer it. Or if you don’t feel comfortable turning it off then turn it to vibrate
  • If your baby’s daddy is not in your life because he is not stepping up to the plate, and unable to support you then make sure you stand your ground and do not allow him to come around and see his kid just because you are feeling lonely and think that it will be a good thing. If he isn’t working, or helping you financially, emotionally and physically with the baby then he has no place being in your life or hanging around you or your baby at all. 
  • If his FAMILY tries to get ahold of you, better not discuss the drama between you and BD and be as polite as possible. Let them know that since you are taking care of baby by your lonesome you can’t really chit chat too long.
  • Allow your mom or sister to come over and watch the baby while you take a quick soak in the tub while watching a NetFlix show on your tablet or take a jog around the block for 10 minutes to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Or even if the pumping you need to do is your breasts but you just want to do it in private for once. Its okay to take advantage of people offering to help you out and watch your little one while you color your hair or check your email.
  • GET OUT OF THE HOUSE on a daily basis. Do not stay cooped up inside, it is terrible for your mood. If the weather is chilly then at least open your windows a little and let some fresh air inside. Step out on your porch10 minutes and stretch while baby is napping.
  • Do not let your friends come over and hold your baby without first washing their hands with anti-bacterial soap. Make sure their clothes are clean and don’t have  any cigarette smoke lingering on them or any animal or cat dander.  You wouldn’t believe how much nasty, germy, yucky things that cling to people’s clothes and can get on your baby so easy! So take heed.  It’s okay to demand of your friends to be super clean around your baby or “just look but don’t touch.”  You can never be too careful. People should respect this because it is your baby.
  • Allow your Mom to take you to get a pedicure if your auntie or your sister ( baby’s auntie ) is wiling to come over and watch your little one. As a single mom you should play the “Mom-sle in distress” as much as possible and allow others to pamper you if they are willing. Cause dude… right now you deserve all the pampering you can get.
  • Its okay to co-sleep with your baby if it makes breastfeeding easier and helps your baby from waking up several times a night. Don’t be afraid that you are going to roll over your baby. The likelihood of you being unaware and rolling over your baby is as likely as you winning the lotto 3 times so I don’t know about you, but I would take those chances.
  • Don’t trip if you don’t feel overwhelmed with love & emotion for your baby instantly. Sometimes it takes time, like months sometimes, for that real parental love to start to develop. So RELAX and enjoy getting to know your baby.

What about you? Are you a single mom? How do you feel about being the only caretaker in your babies life? What are some of your concerns or worries about being a single parent?

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As a single mom, I TOTALLY get not letting your baby daddy reap the rewards of all your hard work while he does nothing. These tips are so great and I’m so glad that single moms have a resource like this now online that they can easily access for support and knowledge.

Thank you. I know a lot of single moms might glorify their baby daddy simply because he is the father of their child, but that is just not a healthy mindset if he is not contributing or helping out in anyway.

Hi Sophia, Its hard to be a single Mom but rewarding. You’re very smart and strong. I used to be a single mom but my kids are fully grown now. Be sure to take time for yourself . Your baby is very cute.

Your baby is so adorable! Although I’m not a mom, I do feel isolated when I spend my days off babysitting my newborn niece and I’m not a fan of my sister’s ex.
Thanks for the tips! I’ll be sure to pass these along to my sister as I’m sure she’ll appreciate the suggestions!

Being a single mother can be extremely hard! I don’t have any kids yet. I like to babysit my brother’s kids (because they get to go back home lol ). I know how crazy it can be dealing with my nieces and nephews so I commend you on taking it on single-handedly! I wish you and your beautiful baby all the best!

Being a single mother is a thankless job and it is litterally 24/7 365 – so yeah it is pretty hard. But what makes it all easy is that we all love our kids! If we didn’t love the little suckers so much, we wouldn’t put forth all that effort lol right? I am taking this single handedly because I really don’t have another choice. Well I guess I had choices, such as adoption and stuff like that , I would never consider such a thing so my only option is to KICK ASS at being a single mom the only way I know how too…thank you for your blessings 🙂

Hi Sophia, great post. Way to go! It’s better to do it on your own than with someone who isn’t going to be the right role model for your son, or be a great support to you. So hats off to you.

I think your tips are spot on too. I would always say to people that they are welcome to come over and visit, but I’d let them know that I would continue with the babies’ routine (I have twins) while they were there. So I would let them know I’d be feeding and settling at whatever time it was going to be so that they were fully aware that my priorities were about the babies and making sure they were OK.

I also asked that if they came over could they take care of bringing morning tea or afternoon tea so that I didn’t feel obligated to look after two babies whilst also preparing food for them. That might sound awful but when friends are coming over all the time and you haven’t slept and the babies are crying, the last thing you want to do is feel responsible for entertaining people in your house! All the very best to you.

Exactly! As a mom, I literally wear my pajamas, like everyday…. whereas my son has his hair brushed, his teeth brushed, his clothes are changed / appropriate for the weather , I am a complete WRECK. I just don’t care! I mean, when I am by myself with my kid I don’t care but when you have to meet friends and go places, that is where it becomes a pain in the butt!!! Getting ready and keeping your baby occupied are really hard to do at the same time. Plus you have to prepare the baby bag and make sure you bring absolutely everything in case your kid has a blow out, or throws up, or needs something…. And even if your friends are coming over that means you need to clean the house up! You have to have snacks and something to offer them in case they are thirsty! All these little things when all you want to do is just pay attention to your baby and nothing else. Omgosh, #momlife for reals!


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