Instant Baby Sleep Review

What is Instant Baby Sleep?

The Instant Baby Sleep program is an ebook that comes with a downloadable MP3 that consists of white noise- the magical solution that lulls a fussy baby to sleep, and you have the option to burn the MP3 onto a blank CD-R. The MP3 audio soundtrack that lasts up to 60 minutes and the ebook is very comprehensive. It is there for teaching parents and caregivers of tricky sleepers how to implement the various sleep techniques to help their little ones get those zzz’s once and for all. The program includes an 11-step process to help achieve success. This Instant Baby Sleep review will go over all the pros and cons so you can decide if this might work for you.

As a single mom to a 14-month old little boy, I can tell you right now how often I think back to those days when my baby was a newborn and suffered from colic. Those were truly the days from hell. Even though it is expected for newborns to not have a set sleep schedule because of needing to be fed in the night, or need a night-time change and so on- for me, it was even more difficult because no matter what I did to help my son fall asleep, nothing worked! I tried to rock him and comfort him, I even read all of the booklets out there that were supposedly full of tips and tricks to help a fussy newborn sleep, but nothing worked.

The colic prevented him from sleeping and as a result, I ended up getting no rest at all! The whole experience was a complete nightmare and I became a non-functional mess. I was not at all enjoying motherhood, putting it lightly. I was afraid this hell was going to last forever and I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

However, one day I came across what I consider to be a Godsend that solved this serious problem. And before I talk about what I came across, this will be a Godsend as well to other parents who are currently in the situation I was at the time when my son was a colicky newborn that did not sleep no matter what I tried to make that happen!

Getting my baby to sleep “instantly” sounded far fetched at first

I stumbled upon a product called Instant Baby Sleep, and at first, because of trying literally everything under the sun that was supposed to help my son fall asleep despite the colic that did not help- I was doubtful that this would have been helpful either. But I was at a point where I was so desperate to try anything and figured that I had nothing to lose except for a little bit of money.. And well, more sleep. I was desperate for my newborn son and for myself to get that much-needed sleep!

Anyway, when I got a hold of the product and tried it out for the first time, my colicky newborn baby boy for once fell asleep within minutes and stayed asleep until he was ready to have another feeding. I was absolutely pleasantly shocked and was in disbelief that something out there actually was proving to solve this horrific problem! When he slept, so did I! And I was delighted to find that this product worked for him again and again. My prayers were answered. I finally saw the light at the end of that very dark and dreary sleep-deprived tunnel, and the credit goes to Instant Baby Sleep!

White Noise the Magical Solution?

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Does the sound of a fan going in the background help lull you to sleep? Chances are it does, and that is an example of white noise. However, not all forms of white noise are the same. Putting a fan in your baby’s room to help him or her sleep may not work. This product provides the right type and level of white noise since it is meant for fussy babies that don’t sleep!

The soundtrack that is part of the Instant Baby Sleep program gently produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz to 20KHz). There is an embedded pulse that eases the brain into the sleeping state which is also known as the Alpha state. This is how drowsiness is induced. The amount of energy that comes from this soundtrack is adjusted by the volume control.

Now that you know what this fantastic product is, I want to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of why this program is so amazing:

  • Because the soundtrack consists of white noise, it also is great for filtering out a wide range of noises that can stop or interrupt sleep. Examples of these sounds are the noise of doors slamming, other children playing or phones ringing.
  • Instant Baby Sleep is incredibly useful for lengthening your baby’s sleep pattern so he or she can get a peaceful and restful sleep (and so can you as the parent!)
  • The soundtrack is very helpful in minimizing the risk of waking during the light sleep phase
  • Instant Baby Sleep is versatile in use as it is great to use at home, in the nursery, or in a motor vehicle on a road trip.
  • This product is inexpensive and costs only $29.97.

The only limitation that this product has is that it is not a physical product that you can buy from a store. Some people may not be comfortable with downloading the teaching eBook and MP3 soundtrack to their laptops. If this describes you, don’t let that stop you from getting the most out of Instant Baby Sleep. You can always hire someone to burn the product onto a CD for you.

I also learned that Instant Baby Sleep is used by pediatricians, hospitals, many NICU units, and daycares. That shows that it really does work if professionals are using it too in settings with babies and young children.

I also need to point out that even though I had amazing success with Instant Baby Sleep as well as many others, there is no guarantee it will work for you. That is why the product comes with a 60-day, no-risk guarantee.

However, I personally cannot imagine how this product will not work for any fussy baby. If it worked for my incredibly fussy newborn baby boy at the time when nothing else did- the odds are so high in your favor that it will work for your baby too. And, that you will be able to sleep again!

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This is super interesting and I may just have to give it a try with my 14 month old! He sleeps pretty well most the time, but sometimes he wakes up after his first sleep cycle. Something to help keep him asleep would be great!
Thanks for the info. 🙂

Oh your welcome ! My son is 15 months old and has hit a phase of sleep regression. Apparently it can happen 4 to 5 times during your babies first two years of life! Instant Baby Sleep is a great tool and with the instant mp3 download, you can be sleeping whole nights again!

While reading this review, I thought about a friend of mine that just had a newborn baby girl and it seems like she doesn’t sleep at all. My friend, Jessica, isn’t doing well and I’m going to send this to her. I think the white noise will help out. I didn’t have this problem with my little one because she loved to sleep, thank goodness. But thanks for this post! I will be sure to share it with my friend and others as well 🙂

Yeah, some babies are just born good sleepers naturally from the get go but MOST babies have sleeping challenges. So if you had a good sleeper you are definitely a lucky ducky But also a very thoughtful friend.

Thats great if only I knew this 2 years ago when my son was around that age haha there would be less bags under my eyes and I would have more energy! When I have my next baby I will be sure to give this a try

That is okay! You live and you learn and I am sure you will also use the tools that you learned being a first time mommy with your next baby. I would like to have another baby soon but I am a single mom right now and I am still getting the hang of things with my son. So you know how it is. But Instant Bay Sleep is a great tool to have whether you have one baby or five!

If this works I will finally be able to get a couple of hours a night of “restful” sleep. I just can’t take it anymore. He wakes up randomly and then it takes forever to go to sleep again. I know this is all my fault, I didn’t do my homework, I just thought I will figure it out but oh, boy, this is unfigurable without any help. Wow, I was looking for the price and I honestly expected this to be well over $100, this is worth trying especially with the 60-day guarantee.

Yes it will work for you Angela because all babies respond well to white noise. Don’t worry if you didn’t do your “homework” – this ebook covers everything you need to know about putting your baby to sleep and getting a good night sleep yourself. With a price tag at $30 you really can’t lose.

This sounds so cool, and I wish they had these kinds of helpful tools when my kids were little because they were awful sleepers. My co-worker has a child that doesn’t sleep through the night and I will send this link over to her. I am sure she will appreciate knowing about the existence of a product like this.

Thanks so much for sharing this great info on the Instant Baby Sleep product. I don’t have kids but I promised my sister who has an infant that isn’t sleeping well that I would look around. I can tell her about this. Here is an odd question if you don’t mind. Does this product work for adults with overactive minds? I am serious. I am that adult who is also looking for any kind of solution to help me fall asleep quicker.

This product sounds brilliant. I am curious though, does this help a 2-year-old that refuses to sleep? I am literally tearing my hair out with my daughter who just won’t sleep. She is tired and I am tired. It’s not a good combination.

A friend of mine had sent me to this page, and I am so grateful. This looks quite promising. My 7-month-old is having trouble sleeping again, and it is probably due to teething. I will most definitely check into this!

This sounds like a great idea! A couple of my friends purchased a White Noise machines when they had babies and it worked like magic. But I love this idea better because I can burn more than one CD and take it with me everywhere. I can move it from room to room or keep one in our car or when we visit family overnight. I am so glad I came across your you website. Thank you for your advice.

You Welcome. Yes this MP3 is burnable so you can make a CD for yourself and even make one for your friend or family member who has a baby ( say, “Hey, pop this this in your CD player tonight for baby and see what happens” ) its a really nice thing to have on hand.

This product sounds amazing. I wish I had known about this when my daughter was a baby. She was a poor sleeper until she was 6 months old. It could have saved us so much stress! I am thinking about having one more baby. I’m bookmarking this page just in case it happens. 🙂

Alot of new parents underestimate how unpredictable babies sleep patterns can be! You should bookmark this site for future reference, more great content to come 🙂

My best friend is expecting in a month and I wanted to buy her a unique gift for the baby that she and her hubby could use. After reading up about this, I think I have found it! Hopefully it will work and everyone will be well rested in the end.

This is wonderful! I’ve actually been looking into sound therapy myself with binerial beats, but didn’t realize that they could work across the board! definitely going to recommend this to my mom friends 🙂

This seems amazing! My kids are a little older now so it’s a tad late for me….or is it?! LOL…teens can definitely stay up too late as well 🙂 I will recommend to a friend of mine who is having difficulty with getting her son to sleep at nights. Thanks for sharing


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