How To Travel With A Stroller

How To Travel With A Stroller The Smart Way

When traveling with a young child, more specifically a baby, bringing along a stroller may seem like a good idea. After all, it can be quite helpful because your child will not have to walk, allowing you to move from one gate to the other much faster. Your child may even get some sleep in the stroller, allowing them to get some rest while also giving you a break. If you are traveling with a toddler or a baby, a stroller will be part of any baggage you carry. You need to think of your child’s comfort and safety and this will prompt you to consider whether you want to carry the baby stroller on the flight. A stroller will make your airport experience a lot smoother so here are tips for how to travel with a stroller to the airport.

  • First, you need to decide whether you want to bring the stroller on the flight or not. You should check with the different airlines to find out about their policies on bringing strollers onto flights. It would be unfortunate for you to show up ready to fly at the airport, only to discover that your stroller is not appropriate to bring on the flight.
  • Label the stroller accordingly with a tag or a permanent marker. You will include important information like your destination, flight information, and personal contact information. Your stroller will be checked in generally as luggage ad a tag will be provided for it, but you are safer and better off using your own labels just like all your other baggage.
  • Have a means of protecting the stroller such as a canvas bag. Your stroller will be stored on the plane with the rest of your luggage so you may want to put it in a bag to offer protection from any damage.

Once you arrive at the airport, you will have to survive the following stroller process from the airport to baggage claim.

Checking In At The Airport

Know the prerequisites of how to travel with a stroller before you leave your house with baby.  At check-in, the agent will inquire whether you want to check your stroller along with your baggage. If this is not the case, you can check in the stroller with the gate agent after getting a tag for it as you are boarding the flight. Strollers that do not collapse or fold and large collapsible strollers are typically accepted as checked luggage only so as mentioned before, you need to call the airline to inquire. If you find out that the stroller needs to be checked, you can ask the ticket agent to provide you with a plastic bag to ensure it is clean while in the aircraft cargo hold.

Getting the Stroller through Security

Once you get to the airport security-screening checkpoint, you will have to remove your child from the stroller and send it through the x-ray screening machines. There are airports with family-designated lines so you will not have to feel so pressured to rush through security checkpoints.

Checking the Stroller at the Gate

Ensure you get to the gate area in good enough time to make the pre-boarding time before general boarding. Airlines provide early boarding for people traveling with young children (with strollers), or people who need assistance. This gives the airline enough time to load tagged strollers, which have been tagged and left on the jet bridge to be checked. It also offers parents enough time to board the plane and get their children settled in before the other passengers can board the flight. Once the flight lands, the strollers are brought up to the jet bridge again to wait for passengers as they depart from the plane.

Before folding your stroller for gate checking, ensure all the straps have been buckled and that the basket has been emptied of everything. Anything attached to the stroller like a drink holder or Mommy Hooks probably will not stay put so ensure you detach these as well. Some stroller will have accompanying travel bags so you may want to look at that when buying.

If you find an airline offering pre-boarding for families with young children, then you will simply have to carry or push the stroller toward the plane entrance when the time comes. You will fold it and leave it with the tags showing so the baggage handlers can see them clearly

Stroller Storage on Board the Aircraft

If the flight is not full, you might be able to bring an umbrella-style stroller on the plane and keep it in the overhead bin. This enables parents to gain easy access to their strollers without having to wait for it after departing from their flights. It also helps to reduce chances of your stroller getting lost during transfer to another flight.

Connecting Flights

It can be tricky to connect flights with a stroller. If it has a gate-checked stroller tag, there will be room to add the connecting flight number. This means the stroller may be dropped off again after you board the connecting flight, or retagged at the next gate.

Baggage Claim

You will get to baggage claim once you reach the end of your journey. If you checked a larger stroller, it should either be placed in the oversized luggage area or come out with the other luggage from the flight.

Traveling with your stroller is not really as bad as long as you are aware of what to expect. You may have a different experience depending on the stroller you carry (specifically in terms of size).

Stroller vs. Baby Carrier for Travel Purposes

Usually it is suggested that you travel as light as you possibly can but you might want to bring both a baby carrier and a stroller on your trip. This offers you maximum flexibility depending on where you are going, what you want to see, and the day itself.

When you are traveling with an infant, this means you will move around at a slower pace and once your baby is eating solids, feeding time can take significantly more time. Your time is limited when you are on the move so you will want to take advantage of your time while walking with your child in the stroller. You can feed him or her snacks in the stroller, which can be easier if the stroller has a snack tray.

For Sightseeing

If the website for the attraction you are going to see does not indicate whether it is stroller friendly, look for any information on wheelchair accessibility. This is a great proxy for how you easily you will be able to move around with a stroller. Depending on the attraction’s accessibility, you can use either a stroller or a carrier. If you plan to stay out throughout the day and going to multiple attractions, you can bring both.

For Warm Destinations

The weather should be the final consideration for whether you will bring a carrier or a stroller. If the temperatures become too high, a baby carrier will make baby and the parent both sweaty and uncomfortable. It is also easier to keep the child out of the sun using a stroller that has a good canopy compared to using a carrier. If you are going to a warm destination, you are better off with a stroller.

Additional Tips

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you have used your stroller or carrier multiple times and that the child enjoys staying in it. If you want the baby to sleep in the stroller or carrier, ensure you conduct practice runs at home first.

You can opt to buy a new stroller once you get to your destination but an even better option would be to get a new travel stroller in advance or order a new one that can be shipped to your hotel directly.

Finding the Best Stroller

You will likely use your stroller for many years to come so it is crucial that you choose a good, strong one fitting your child’s needs and yours as well. Some of the things to consider when hunting for the perfect stroller to move around and travel with include:


This is important when shopping for a stroller and most of the time it is hard to find one stroller fitting all your needs. Most parents generally own two strollers: a small, compact stroller model to fit smaller spaces and a full-size stroller for daily travel. If you only want to buy one stroller, you are better off going for a smaller model for easier transport.


This is an essential factor to consider when you read stroller reviews. You do not have to break the bank when buying a stroller but you also should not skimp out. Think of the type of stroller you want and the features you are looking for and then move forward from there. Your child will use a stroller for a long time so you may want to buy a strong stroller with a quality build.

Size and Weight:

This is another factor to consider since you will be the one carrying it up and down especially when traveling. Keep in mind that it is not safe to lug a heavy stroller up and down the stairs with your baby. Consider how much room you have in your vehicle to store it and whether it will fit in various rooms and through doors.

Child’s Age:

Some strollers are meant for specific ages only. Jogging strollers, for example, are only recommended for children aged six months and above.


This is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when looking for a stroller. If, for example, you are a parent who uses public transportation to move around, you may want to go for a portable, smaller, lightweight stroller. If you walk around frequently with your baby, you will want a stroller that has good suspension, is easy to maneuver, and sturdy. If you move around with a vehicle, consider a small and compact stroller that can fit in the trunk easily.

A collapsible, lightweight stroller is necessary if you are a parent who is constantly travelling. There are different options to choose from as the right stroller depends on the exact requirements you are looking for. If you plan to travel locally, it is advisable to get a stroller that packs away into the trunk of a car. However, if you are traveling overseas, you are better off buying one complying with airline restrictions on carry-ons. If you are buying a travel stroller for a newborn, you will need to get one with a fully reclining seat. You should also consider car seat compatibility. Here are some of the best travel strollers available on Amazon.

Besrey Airplane Stroller

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This stroller was designed specifically for travel and can be used for children ranging from 6-36 months. Its one-of-a-kind two-fold design allows the Besrey to pack up into itself. The stroller can fit easily into the plane overhead bin and it also has an exterior case that can be tucked away into a pocket. You can pop it into place with a single motion whenever you need to use it. Other features of the Besrey airplane stroller include wheels with a 360-degree swivel for easier maneuvering not to mention a locking mechanism to secure it when it is not being used. This stroller also has a five-clasp seat belt to secure the smaller ones in place and a sizeable canopy to protect your child from the sun. The rear storage basket has a carrying capacity of up to 10 pounds.

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

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This stroller option is more affordable and ideal for road trips with your little one. It weighs 15 pounds and folds to 12.5”x 23”x 42.5”, which even though is too big to be considered an airline carry-on item, still fits into your car very comfortably. The stroller’s folding mechanism works using two hand-level triggers. Once you fold the stroller, it stands on its own upright making it great for stashing in the corner of hotel rooms or certain restaurants. It has a convenient carry strap and the frame is made from lightweight aluminum. The stroller is recommended for children aged 3 months to those weighing 50 pounds. It also features under-seat storage, high-performance wheels, and a one-step brake. The cup holder is great for those times when do not have the time for a coffee break. You can take out the reclining seat pad for easier washing and you can extend the sunshade (SPF 50+) for better protection on hotter days. The canopy is not only removable but also height adjustable. This stroller is available in blue, red, and coffee.

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


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This stroller is recommended for newborns and for toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds. It is one of the best-rated stroller options on Amazon for $100. The overall weight falls at 13 pounds and it has an easy folding mechanism in addition to a carry strap and an automatic lock. When this stroller is folded it can fit into the back of a compact car and even though it cannot be carried onto the flight, it is quite easy to check. The most favored feature of this stroller is the comfortable, large seat that has 4 reclining positions and a 5-point safety harness. It easy to navigate over various terrains due to the front anti-shock wheels. The adjustable canopy also has a flip-out sun visor. You can store all your parenting essentials in the rear pouch, the generous storage basket, and the cup holder. Colors available range from hibiscus pink or Caribbean blue to the simple, plain black.

Stroller Size and Airplane Travel

A small umbrella stroller is the best option for airplane travel in terms of convenience since you want to travel as light as you can. Some airlines will allow you to store lightweight strollers in the overhead compartment, which is another advantage of the same.

Advantages of a lightweight stroller

  • It is easy to carry, lightweight, and compact
  • You can store it in the overhead compartment of the plane depending on the airline
  • They are usually cheaper
  • They are easier to maneuver through doors and around the airport


  • They have less storage space for items like diapers

Advantages of a large stroller

  • They have ample storage space for other items such as diapers
  • Most models have canopies to protect the child from rain and sun thus they can come in handy when traveling


  • They can be inconvenient and cumbersome to carry through the airport considering they are heavier
  • They will need to travel in the luggage compartment
  • They are pricier

Overall, I hope you have learned some great tips and tools for how to travel with a stroller. When traveling with kids you need to consider everything if you intend to bring a stroller to ensure everything goes smoothly. Bringing a stroller is a great way to make sure that all your things are organized. Make sure you look into airline policies regarding strollers so you are not caught off-guard at the airport. Keep the destination and the stroller features in mind when traveling to make sure the stroller is an advantage to you when moving around with your child. Get the best stroller to fit you and your child’s needs when searching for one so that it serves you accordingly.

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What a great read! I traveled recently with a stroller and I wish I would’ve read this before then. I struggled so much. Do you have any great stroller recommendations?

I dont have kids yet but i love idea of babies !!!!! though i helped my mother raise my youger twin sisters i never thought nor experienced traveling with them nor the complexity it must create traveling with a child and a stoller. Not sure how i stumbles onto this website but im so glad i did. you have written such a wonderful website.

Hey thank you! I appreciate the compliment. Babies are fun but I will tell you that traveling with one is a big pain in the butt! Not only do you have to worry about how you are going to maneuver around the airport with your little one, but you have to remember to pack EVERYTHING ( and babies need so many things! ) so you pretty much are going to be carrying a lot of stuff everywhere you go to make sure you have all your bases covered. Also babies get sick on the airplane, their ears pop so they start crying, then the whole airplane becomes annoyed with you, etc…. so its much more than getting the right stroller but all in all, babies are a blessing and I am so happy to have at least one right now.

I have been looking for some practical advice on what to do in regards to traveling with a stroller and I found my answers here! I didn’t think I was able to bring a stroller on flight so I ended up carrying my daughter everywhere. She is too big for being in a front facing carrier and too little to walk on her own. So it was a lot of work going on a trip if you can imagine. Thank you! I will be sure to implement them next time flying with my 2 year old.

That is great! I just want to make things easier for all parents in all aspects! If you go to the airport without a stroller, it is SO MUCH MORE stressful and chaotic and not to mention you have to hold your luggage AND your child. No no, there are so many options for strollers just dont make things hard on yourself. Enjoy your trip and get a lightweight umbrella stroller if you want something cheap and small. Enjoy your next trip ! Lol

Hi Sophia,

Strollers are God sends and some are nightmares! One of the first things we learn as new parents is how to travel with a stroller. But, as time passes, we realize we can hang nearly a whole weeks shopping on it, push people out of the way and stop traffic on the motor way – all not so good applications hehe – but they are a great invention.

Not good for narrow paths though because motorists tend to get confused between a parking lot and a path all the time. I often wonder if they were just badly educated or don’t care 🙂 .

Some of these strollers can be very expensive so do make sure you get someone else to buy it for you as a present!

And one last thing – do make sure you buy a good stroller. Reason being is, when baby is screaming, dinner burning and dog chewing on the last nerve nerve in your shine bone – last thing you need is a stroller that won’t fold!!

Solution:- Get Mother to do it! Works every time fellas 🙂 – voice of experience here haha.

Thanks again Sophia for this great article and very much looking forward to more.

– Philip.

Hey Philip, you sound like you have had some experience in being a dad lol, especially that part about “letting mom do it” – I think that is something all dads do when they can’t figure something out that has to do with the kids. Its okay. You do other things like protect the house, kill spiders and scare away the boogeymen. So god bless you. Strollers are great for carrying kids and groceries at the same time, as well as moving traffic and people out of the way. They are very expensive though and you do have a great point in having someone purchase your strollers as a gift instead of funding it yourself. As for me, I have 3 strollers, one is a lightweight stroller easy for travel. One is a really heavy stroller. And one is a jogging stroller that was a gift from my mom. I don’t know what I would do without any of my strollers!


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