How To Stop A Baby Crying At Night

How To Stop A Baby Crying At Night

Babies fuss and cry for many reasons, as a caretaker after a while you will soon be able to “translate” what your baby’s cry of distress is for. There are obvious solutions available for the many types of cries, including those of pain, thirst, hunger, wetness, weariness of being in the same position for a long time, or maybe the discomfort from being too hot or too cold, boredom or relief of some tension. We all know that when a baby is crying they are trying to communicate with us so to stop a baby from crying we need to approach them lovingly and figure out what they are trying to convey to us. We will go into more detail on how to stop a baby crying at night below.

As a first time mom in the hospital my baby would only cry here and there. To me it was more like a little cat meowing when it was hungry. I thought the sound was adorable. I didn’t mind. When I got home with my son and there were no nurses around to help me out, that was when my son suddenly let out A LOUD CRY – like “HEY LOSER WHERE IS THE BOOB?!” I was so startled I sorta fumbled with myself before I jumped into action ( and never stopped since it seems. )

One common check that parents do, is for the tiny thread on the inside of a garment, which can be tangled around a baby’s hand, foot or TOE and HURTING. This is called “Hair tourniquet” and it happens quite a lot. Always look at your baby’s fingers and toes to make sure nothing is cutting off their circulation. Parents who have experienced this go over all new clothes and clip such threads.

Sometimes, a baby just cries…. and cries…. and cries…. and you know there’s nothing wrong, no physical reason for it.

15 Different Ways How To Stop A Baby Crying At Night

  1. Walk or dance while holding baby – your baby has been inside your womb for 9 months, during that entire time, your baby has gotten used to all that motion. Unless you were bed ridden your entire pregnancy, chances are your baby feels good when you are holding them and walking
  2. Rock the baby – find a nice cozy rocking chair and relax in it while holding baby.
  3. Bounce the baby gently in your arms or on a bed – this one really worked with my son who would immediately stop crying once I started to bounce at all. The problem was after a while my legs would start to get hurt but hey! At least I was working out my thighs and butt
  4. Take the baby for a ride in the stroller – some fresh air and sunshine does wonders for everyone
  5. Take the baby for a ride in the car
  6. Put your baby in a swing – and at the same time you can also…
  7. Turn on the radio, find a great song and crank up the volume
  8. Use White Noise! – you can also turn on the vacuum cleaner .
  9. Sing or talk in a very soft, “sing-song” type way
  10. Put baby right next to your body in a soft front facing carrier – hold your baby close and breathe slowly and calmly; your baby can *sense* your calmness and will become quiet.
  11. Lay your baby, tummy facing down, across your lap then you can rub or pat their back softly
  12. Give your baby a body massage gently – you can use coconut oil if your baby has sensitive skin or eczema
  13. Swaddle baby nice and tight
  14. Give a pacifier – ( the Nuk allows less air to pass in around the baby’s mouth so it’s better for a colicky baby )
  15. Cross your baby’s arm across their chest and hold him or her down on a bed with a gentle, firm pressure

The Baby Shusher

Check this out, I think this is pretty remarkable:

You know what that is? That is THE BABY SHUSHER! This thing is amazing. Its a little salt & pepper shaker looking device that can seriously quiet ANYBABY.

The Baby Shusher was featured on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Kim was telling her sister how it worked for her so well.

Mind you she wasn’t endorsed or told to promote Baby Shusher, she raved about it on the show saying that she had one in her nursery and kept one in her stroller.

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Colic isn’t a disease. It cannot be tested for. What is Colic? It is a symptom of painful cramps in the digestive tract. A baby suffering from colic pulls their legs up, clenches their fists and often flushes bright red. Crying can go on and on for hours, most of the time it’s in the late afternoon or at night.

In a baby who is breast-fed the colic is most likely from something If that mom is eating. If you are breast-feeding your newborn and they have colic then you will need to alter your diet.

Foods you should avoid while breastfeeding if your baby has colic:


  • fruits like kiwis / strawberries / pineapple
  • veggies that have a gassy effect like onion / cabbage / cauliflower / cucumbers / garlic
  • citris fruits and the juices from them like oranges / lemon / grapefruit
  • drinks that contain caffeine
  • spicy or strong flavored foods

Fortunately, it’s rare that colic lasts past the third month of a child’s life, but until it’s over, it is really hard on both baby and parents. Getting a white noise machine is probably the most useful thing because the sound of white noise mimics the sounds in the utero and are very soothing for baby.

Ways to minimize crying in newborns who have colic:

  • Try to feed and handle your baby as calmly as possible. You wouldn’t believe how much tension can be transmitted to your baby and cause stress upon them which brings on colic quickly.
  • Try to burp your baby BEFORE beginning to feed him or her to prevent a bubble from being trapped at the bottom of their stomach.
  • If you are formula feeding your baby, use bottles that have plastic liners because your baby will swallow less air if you first squeeze all the air from the bag. This will minimize abdominal pain.
  • The NUK nipple is also good because it lets in less air than other nipples

If NOTHING works, you can put your baby in their bed, close the door and turn up the TV or put some music on. Check on your baby every 15 minutes for YOUR own peace of mind. This is OKAY to do, if you have tried everything you can and you are starting to get a headache from the stress. If you know your baby is fed, dry and not in pain, then it’s OKAY to give yourself a time out .

Note to Moms and Dads : There is only one *true* expert when it comes to your baby – you. Sometimes it will be easy for you to calm your baby when they are crying; sometimes what worked before doesn’t work anymore now. The best thing you can do is be patient with your baby and yourself while you both grow and learn.

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I have never seen the baby shusher before! What an amazing invention. That would have been nice a year ago for my daughter. You suggested that a mother de-stress before handling her baby in order to reduce colic. How would you recommend a mother de-stress before handling her child?

There are times, especially as a single mother when no one else is around to help you, there are times that a baby’s crying can be so agonizing, so infuriating, because you feel so helpless a new mama, and in those instances this is what I suggest; if you baby is crying and won’t stop no matter what you do, and you made sure that your baby isn’t wet, or hungry or tired, you can de-stress by putting your baby down in their bed, even if they are crying & crying, you can make sure they are safe in their bed, and close the door, walk away, and go somewhere quiet where you can distress. Make sure you are not within earshot of your baby. Its fine, your baby will be OKAY, you need to make sure you take care of your self and your mentality. It is important to get yourself quiet time, even if your baby is screaming their lungs out, because you need to be mentally OKAY before you can be capable of taking care of your baby.


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