How to Get a Baby to Sleep in a Moses Basket

Getting babies to sleep can be a hassle, but have you ever tried to get one to sleep in a Moses Basket? I want to provide you with information that I have learned and some ideas from other moms.

How to get a baby to sleep in a Moses Basket? One of the best ways to get a baby to sleep in a Moses Basket or anything really is to swaddle them. You could even get a shawl. The most important thing that both of these things do is keep to baby warm. Also, the tight nature of the swaddling makes them feel safe.

First of all, babies swaddled look so cute. That’s a plus of putting a baby to bed. Now that you know the idea of how to get your baby to sleep, let’s delve into more information on the subject.

What is a Moses Basket?

If you look it up, it’ll come up with the scripture in the Bible where it talks about Moses and his basket. I will explain it to you.

Well, it’s basically it’s a little basket that is shaped or fashioned like how the basket is that Moses traveled down the Nile river in, or at least how people think it looks.

These baskets are generally made from palm, though they can be made from maize or wicker as well. Wicker last longest but are more expensive. Take your pick. Or you can buy a synthetic one that you can wash.

The baskets have a lining of soft fabric and padding for the baby to get comfortable in. I would also recommend getting one with handles so you can carry it with you.

A great thing about these baskets is that they are very mobile. You can move them around a lot because of their small size. Your baby won’t look so dwarfed in it and it might make the baby feel safer. This can save you a ton of space if you are tight on space.

If you are worried about leaving the baby alone and feel immensely responsible to keep the baby safe at all times, then you should get this. You can carry it with you everywhere. If you want your baby close while he/she is sleeping, get this. It’s probably the best investment you will make for the early months of the baby’s life.

The only probably with its size is you can’t use it forever. Your baby will outgrow this in a couple of months. You could just get a cot, but if you’re feeling unique, go for the basket!


This idea and practice are age-old. It’s probably older than the trees. I mean it’s written in old books and it’s even in Christmas songs from ages ago. The fact is, this has stood the test of time. It is arguably the best idea that has ever graced us when it comes to baby care.

If you’re a mother, you probably already know this but swaddling is wrapping blankets or a cloth large enough around a baby. The idea is to keep it tight so as to restrict movement in these tiny humans. They will look like a burrito afterward, basically.

Why Should You Swaddle a Baby?

Melissa Gersin, a Maternity nurse from Boston, said, “Swaddling creates the snug, familiar, soothing feeling a baby experienced in the womb before being born.”

If that does not say we are creatures of habit, I don’t know what would. But there you have it! Babies want to feel warm and safe like they were in the womb. It makes sense. They spent the first 9 months of existence in a warm safe place.

The great thing about swaddling is it can be used in so many circumstances. Crying for no discernably good reason? Warp em up! Fussy? You betcha! I’ve always seen it as a warm embrace. Who doesn’t love that from a blanket or someone they trust?

I personally love swaddling, if you couldn’t tell. I have mentioned previously in another article that my son had to stay in the NICU Nursery for a while after birth. While I was there the nurses there taught me how to swaddle him. It was really effective. His arms and legs would be everywhere but when I swaddled him, it kept his arms and legs in. It was a great way to keep him from panicking.

Swaddling can also be combined with some other techniques. Once they are all wrapped up, you can sway them softly back and forth. Sing a song maybe or shush them slowly and you rock them back and forth.

Some parents might wonder if swaddling causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? It actually restricts movement so when they are young, it makes it really hard for them to roll over. It’s less likely that swaddling will cause SIDS. Once they are old enough to start moving around and rolling over, you should stop swaddling them.

How to Swaddle

It is possible to find “pre-swaddled” blankets where you either zip it up or velcro it. If you don’t want any hassle, then you should buy those. If you want to be more “organic” with this process, I will explain.

  1. Set the blanket in the same of a diamond in front of you. Fold the top corner down so that it faces toward you.
  2. Lay your baby face up on the blanket. Make sure that the baby’s neck is along the edge of the top fold. Keep the baby’s left arm down next to her side for the next part.
  3. Pull that left corner of the blanket and tightly pull it across and tuck the corner of it underneath the right side of their body.
  4. Then comes the bottom portion. Pull up the bottom corner so it covers the legs and whatever else it can. Tuck it right under her right arm.
  5. Carefully put the right arm next to the baby’s body and then pull the right corner up over the baby. Make it snug and then tuck it behind the baby.
  6. And that’s all! Now hopefully it is all you need to do.

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Related Questions

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a Moses basket at night? It is safe, in fact, recommended. A lot of new parents have worries. One of them is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Make sure that your baby sleeps on their back in a cot or Moses basket. In the early months, the baby is not strong enough to roll over so laying them on their back is your best bet. Do not use a pillow with the cot or Moses basket. You want to keep the area clean and the temperature normal. Not too cold or hot.

At what age do babies stay in a Moses basket? Moses baskets are only appropriate for babies in the first few months of life. Generally, the rule is three to four months. After this time, the baby has usually outgrown the basket. After this, it might be a good investment to get a cot. You will know when it is time to get something bigger for your baby.

The Moses basket does have some good uses though, you can keep it near you and you can carry it around. I would recommend this for those mothers or fathers who are afraid to leave their baby alone when it sleeps. Having the baby near will be comforting.

How should a newborn be placed to sleep? Always, I mean ALWAYS, place your baby on his or her back. That’s just the rule of thumb. This is the best possible position for them to breathe correctly while sleeping. You don’t want them to be smothered so keep the area clean of stuff.

Give them a firm sleeping area that won’t just suck them into where they can’t breathe. Do not overheat the baby and their crib. Keep away from a heat source like a heater or anything below and around them. Something you can do if you so desire is give them a pacifier. Not everybody is into that so make your own choice on the matter.

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