CFS White Noise Machine Review

The CFS White Noise Machine is perfect for baby nurseries, day care centers, or anywhere else that can benefit from a simple solution to block out noise.

You simply place this fantastic sound therapy unit in a baby’s room and let it play its multiple sounds of tranquility. After a short period, it can help your baby relax and gently eases him sleep (and keeps him asleep).

CFS White Noise Machine

Features You’ll Love

Neat and tidy design, the CFS White Noise Machine is feature-rich with plenty of exciting features and sounds that can easily soothe your baby to sleep. Let’s take a look at its most pleasing qualities:

Different soothing sounds

This sound therapy unit with its 5 different sounds is a powerful sleep aid for the little ones. Its library of premium-quality sounds consist of white noise, clock, ocean waves, rain and lullaby. Any of these premium sounds can help to create a perfect environment for concentration, relaxation, or sleep.

Even though this machine is designed to play multiple sounds, the white noise button is likely to be the most effective tool to get your baby to drift off to sleep; also the lullaby is a useful addition to play in quiet times. Whether you intend to use it for the entire night (13 hours) or for every nap, this machine is a complete lifesaver for parents wishing to relax and keep their baby from waking up.

Save energy and money

The CFS White Noise Machine is built with an automatic-off timer to instruct your machine to deactivate after a set period of time (30, 60, or 90 minutes) to conserve energy.

However, in certain circumstance, it can benefit to avoid setting the timer and just letting the noise machine stay on for the entire night. A benefit of leaving the white noise on through the night is to mask or block the unexpected noises that could otherwise wake the baby.

Sound quality

The sound quality of this white noise machine is great. Its built-in speaker has the ability to create crystal-clear sound and noise canceling with absolutely no hissing or buzzing sound.

Slim, modern design

The CFS White Noise Machine is built with a slim, modern design to make it look quite appealing in the nursery or any other room in the home. Plus, it is very light weight at just 0.5 pounds, which means you can take it with you when on-the-go.

Built-in nightlight

A further useful feature is the nightlight that comes in handy in the night when you are searching for something in a dark room and don’t wish to turn on the main light.

Easily rechargeable

This noise machine easily recharges via a micro-USB port for all-round convenience and the charge holds for days at a time. Also, a wall DC adapter is packaged with the unit.

Add to the library

Beyond the existing library of sounds, the CFS White Noise Machine has the practical option to add your own personal collection of tunes and calming sounds. This is achieved using the micro-USB card slot.

CFS White Noise Machine


  • Great value for money
  • Easily chargeable
  • Simple to use
  • Quality of sound is very good
  • Compact design and easy to carry for traveling
  • Useful light to help find something in a dark room
  • Packaged with a wall charger and USB cable


  • Loudness of sounds can vary; white noise is quite loud, but thunder is relatively low with volume


Overall, the CFS White Noise Machine is a very practical choice if your baby is having sleeping problems. This unit can help a lot to get your baby to sleep (and keep him sleeping soundly) and the light is great at night when you are trying not to disturb those nearby. In addition to the very effective white noise, this sound machine has other options, such as ocean sound and the lullaby. It is light enough to travel with, and can even rest on your babies lap to encourage him to fall asleep. The ability to recharge via a cord is very convenient, so no batteries to worry about. A typical charge can last for several days, even if used for the entire night – 12/13 hours. If it helps to calm and soothe your baby, this little device can be a life saver.

Check the price of CFS White Noise Machine HERE

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about CFS White Noise Machine or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

I’ve tried playing a YouTube video on repeat but I had very little control so I decided to buy a white noise machine. The CFS one looks like a decent fit and it’s not an eyesore either. At work I almost always have my headphones on and listen to ocean sounds, they’re calming me and helping me to focus on the task at hand. If this works for her I’m definitely buying a second one for me too, I don’t have the smoothest sleep.

The CFS white noise machine does not have any “looping” and you will get good high quality sound that will lull your baby into a peaceful sleep and keep them alseep! Good luck!

I currently have a three year old and a new baby…so as you can imagine our house gets a bit too loud for anyone to sleep lately! I have been looking for an affordable solution, and this seems like a wonderful option! I appreciate that it travels well also, as we tend to be on the road a lot!

Yup, the CFS Machine is very compatible and great for road trips 🙂 you can charge it via USB and it will hold a charge for days, so bringing it along for car rides is very possible 🙂

So does it actually work? I myself like white noise but I’ve tried a few on my toddler and they certainly were not the miracles they claim to be. It’s tough – kids are so stubborn and full of energy. Sometimes I wonder if anything works! I’ve tried diffusers, lavender oil, soothing music and of coarse white noise but so far nothing. I’ll say if anything really does ever work I’d be willing to pay a pretty penny for it.

Oh yes it definitely works even on stubborn toddlers who refuse to go to sleep 🙂 The magic in it is that there is no repetitive “looping” and the sounds drown out all other distracting noises that could keep your child awake. You might also want to read my other article on 6 tips to help your baby sleep through he night for some tips on how to help your little one settle down easier. But I totally agree with you in that sometimes a good night sleep is really worth the extra few dollars for a high quality product that works 🙂 

I listened to the different sounds on this White Noise Machine and it almost put me to sleep. I am thinking about purchasing one for my daughter, Amy, to use with her baby. But, after hearing it, I think I also want one for myself!

I wish this was available when Amy was a baby. She was a cranky child and fought sleep at all costs. I don’t know how many times each evening I would have to sing, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “You Are My Sunshine.” All I know is I always went to bed with a sore throat!

Thank goodness, for modern technology!


Right!? My favorite sound on this machine is the city soundscape. I don’t know why but for me its really soothing. My son like the rainfall sounds. It is especially helpful when our gardner comes to our house and turns on that ever so loud leaf blower oh my goodness even though its outside, its so loud that we can hear it all throughout the house. Thankfully this neat little machine drowns out that noise. I agree, thank goodness for modern technology!

It is amazing to me what the white noise does to babies!! We had no idea when we had our daughter, but after having our son, the nurse put on the white noise from an app on her phone and we saw the magic happen! We’ve tried other sound machines, but it just wasn’t the same. We then have our Alexa play ‘pure white noise’, but after a certain length of time, she interrupts and makes an announcement that she can’t play anymore and it wakes him up. I’ll definitely have to look into getting one of these!! Thanks!

Oh no!! When I first had my son I would try playing white noise from my YouTube app, but there was always an ad that would play right smack in the middle of it that would wake up my son! Totally defeating the purpose! Don’t you just hate that? 🙁 The good thing about this noise machine is that there is no looping and no interruptions to wake your little one after they have drifted off to sleep.

As a grandpa I was a bit taken back with the technology of this device.

As I read on I wish that this was available for my own kids and now grand kids. Peace and quiet…

Seriously, this is a must for my grand kids future and will help my kids out with this.

How long have this been out?

Hi Robert! Yes this is a very nifty device, and its very small too, its not like a huge stereo taking over the nursery. It has only been out since last year but they made new 2018 updated version now selling on Amazon. It has a 4.6 out of 5 star review out of 95 ratings. Pretty cool if you ask me.


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