Best Overnight Diapers For Baby

What is the best overnight diapers for your baby?

Every parent’s dream is to have a baby that sleeps well throughout the night or, at least, most of the night. If you weren’t aware of it, a wet diaper is one of the most frequent reasons a baby will wake up in the middle of the night, and be very upset about it as well.

While you are keeping an eye on the baby during the day, changing the little one’s diaper as often as needed, at night you’re probably looking to get as much rest as you can.

This means that you need to make sure that your baby manages to sleep for several hours in a row. But, considering that they will wet the diaper several times during the night, finding a better way to manage this problem will keep everybody happy. So with that said, what is the best overnight diapers for baby?

Choosing The Right Overnight Diaper For Your Baby

There are so many brands on the market but overall the quality of diapers in general improves over time. This is because the demand increases for high quality infant products that will ensure baby’s comfort.

With all these different brands and choices, as well as different price points, it can be difficult to choose the right brand that will meet your baby’s needs.

In order to find what is the best overnight diapers for baby, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each diaper, and then compare them to what your needs are, and this way you won’t be wasting your money.

But isn’t it a waste of money?

If you thought that there’s no difference between the regular diapers you use during the day and overnight diapers, think again, as it is more than just a marketing issue.

Overnight diapers were specially created to offer more protection during the night when the baby’s diaper is not changed as often as it is during the day.

Thus, overnight diapers have an increased power of absorbing liquids and will prevent them from leaking and getting the bed wet.

As you can see, with their help, your baby will be able to enjoy a restful sleep without being bothered by a moist diaper or wet bed. And a happy and rested baby translates into a happy and rested parent.

Still, choosing the best overnight diapers for your baby is not as easy as you may think.

You can end up being puzzled about the types of materials used for the making of these diapers or you can be pushed away by the rather high price tag.

These are only two of the aspects you should consider when looking for diapers that won’t cause skin problems, especially considering the fact that they will sit on your baby’s bum for quite a number of hours in a row and they will also get wet, are reliable enough, and won’t wreck your budget.

What is a diaper made out of?

A disposable diaper is an absorbent pad wedged between two sheets of non-woven fabric. The pad has chemical crystals which absorb liquid and hold it in a gel form. This keeps wetness away from baby’s skin.

Just because a nighttime diaper is more expensive doesn’t mean its better quality.

The general consensus will give their opinion so its more practical to choose one that has the most positive reviews. You would be surprised to find that the cheaper brands are actually a lot more absorb-able and durable than the more expensive ones.

When a diaper is marked as an “overnight” brand, that means that they are more absorbent. Huggies Overnights, for example, says “you will get 12 hours of protection” for your baby’s bottom, while Pampers Extra Protection diapers promises to keep your baby “dry overnight.”

These come in a variety of, sizes like all other diapers do.

So which are the most popular diapers available?

As a single mom from the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, I made a list with the most reliable diapers available. All you have to do is take a look and decide which one will give your baby the comfort and protection he or she needs. Below are what I believe to be some of the industry top quality, economical, disposable diapers available:

1) Luvs Ultra Leakguards

This is the brand of diaper I personally use and purchase all the time. They are very affordable and they promise to lock away wetness “faster than huggies snug & dry” with diaper technology and leak guard core. They are very soft and comfortable diapers.

These diapers are low cost and high quality with refastenable stretch tabs that secure again and again. The leg gathers, leak barrier keeps wetness locked inside the diaper for many hours. It is made in a contoured shape that hugs your baby’s bottom, and in between their legs, for the perfect fit.

These diapers:

  • Are available in sizes newborn up to Size 6
  • Are ulta absorbent and upheld by a money back guarantee
  • Are scented so be mindful if your child has sensitive skin!

This is my personal favorite brand of diaper. According to the claims of the product, they aren’t supposed to leak and trap moisture on the inside effectively, without causing any discomforts to your baby.

I love the fact that these diapers are adjustable, with the help tabs that are both stretchy and can be re-fastened with ease. Plus, they have a barrier around the opening of the legs that make them even more secure, not allowing liquid to leak during the night no matter how much your baby is moving.

But, if you know that your baby has sensitive skin, it is worth knowing that these diapers come scented, which may cause some trouble. Still, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee for all those parents that aren’t happy with the product.

Find Luvs Ultra Leakguards Here

2) Huggies Overnights

#1 selling night time diaper is Huggies Overnights. Because babies typically do not sleep for 12 hours in their first year of life, these diapers are marketed for older babies, who weigh 16 pounds or more so they come only in sizes 3 to 6.

The reason they are only available in these sizes is because your baby won’t be sleeping for more than 12 hours until they are older. They are apparently 25% more absorbent than any other diaper , locking wetness away from your baby while they sleep and are made specifically made for bedtime wear.

  • The SnugFit waistband stays in place during the night and won’t pinch baby’s skin no matter how much he moves
  • Wetness indicator strip on diaper changes colors to let you know when baby needs to be changed
  • No fragrance added so its suitable for sensitive skin
  • Although they come in toddler sizes, they don’t slide down like underwear so you have to take it off like a diaper.

They are very effective when it comes to rapidly absorb moisture and keeping it away from the skin of the baby. There is also the patented Huggies Leak Lock system, which makes sure that the baby will stay nice and dry throughout the night.

The waistband of these diapers is stretchy, securing a tight fit while being comfortable at the same time. If you ask us, these are the best overnight diapers Huggies ever made.

Find Huggies Overnights Here

3) Seventh Generation Baby Overnight Diapers

Are you worried about the safety of our environment and finding eco-friendly products is very important to you? If so, this is great brand of overnight diapers for all the parents that want natural products for their children.

These diapers are definitely environmental-friendly, as they are free of all the substances that can create harm not just to the environment, but also to your baby.

So, no fragrances, petroleum, chlorine, and other substances of the kind are found in these diapers.

  • Made with an extra absorbent layer, they are a great choice for bedtime, naptime, or traveling.
  • For babies who are heavy wetters, these diapers might not hold the entire mess.
  • Stage 6 diapers are meant for toddlers who are over 35 pounds but they do not offer any sizes higher than that.

Filled with “chlorine free” wood pulp, they are safe and non-toxic, which also explains their color. You can easily adjust the diaper to the body of your baby with the help of re-sealable tabs, keeping liquids from escaping during the night.

Also, they are so soft that they feel very much like cloth, so your baby will definitely rest well with these diapers.

Find Seventh Generation Baby Overnight Diapers Here

4) Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

In case you are looking for extra-extra-soft diapers that are capable of providing moisture protection for 12 hours in a row, then you should take these diapers from Pampers into consideration.

The moisture is rapidly captured by the layers of this diaper and kept away from the sensitive skin of your baby for hours in a row. Also, in the front of the diaper, you will have a color indicator available that will allow you to see just how much moisture the diaper captured.

  • #1 choice of hospitals
  • Is made with an “umbilical cord notch” which protects your baby’s delicate tummy with a contoured fit
  • “blankey” soft

Available in sizes ranging between newborn up to size 3, people are generally happy with these diapers. They will come, of course, with the gentle baby powder scent that famous in this brand of diapers.

When I had just given birth to my son, the hospital was using this brand of diapers on my son. So it is very true what they say that this is the #1 choice in hospitals.

Find Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Here

5) Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

This diaper offers extended protection during the night, up to 12 hours, and they are really an affordable option. So, if you are considerate about your budget, this is one option you must look at.

These diapers from Huggies are not the hypoallergenic type; however, they are free of a fragrance, which is a plus, as there are slight risks for the skin of your baby to become irritated.

This particular brand of diaper features multiple layers, which means that the liquid will be effectively kept away from the skin of your baby. Also, it is worth knowing that the diapers have a color indicator on their surface, letting you know just how wet the diaper got, allowing you to easily decide when it’s time to put on a new diaper.

  • Comes with a cute Mickey Mouse design all over the diaper
  • Also has a small cutout for the area of the umbilical cord, so that it will heal with no problem
  • Comes in sizes newborn all the way up to size 6
  • If you are a frequent buyer of this type of brand you can sign up to receive rewards and points that go towards free diapers in the future

But, of course, you will have to choose the right size for this. The only downside of this type of overnight diapers is the fact that the waistband does not stretch too much.

The manufacturer promises a snug fit, but we all know that babies are different and without having a stretchy waistband, the diaper may not offer adequate protection against leaks.

Find Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Here

Things to keep in mind

When considering which diaper to chose, you should pick a diaper that has several absorbent layers, a stretchy waist band, as well as be soft & comfortable for your baby.

Obviously you want to stay in your budget and you probably are not looking to waste any money so what I suggest is that you first purchase a smaller package of overnight diapers to see first if it works for you and your baby.

If it happens to be faulty, or not effective, it wasn’t a huge purchase so not all is lost.

I hope this helped you make a informed choice on which overnight diaper to chose for your baby. Let me know what your favorite brand of diaper is and why.

Also, I would like to know which diapers you think are NOT effective and why. I would love to hear your input.

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I think it is so great that you chose diapers to do a review on. Some new parents think any old cheap diaper will do, but this is their baby! We have always used Luvs Ultras, and now my granddaughter is wearing them. Thank you so much for going into such detail about these competing brands. Oh, and my granddaughter Mila says thank you too!

You are very welcome!  When choosing the best overnight diapers for baby you want to consider what will be the most comfortable, not which diaper will be the cheapest. Because while being a few dollars less, it will inadvertently annoy the heck out of your baby who will be stuck wearing whatever diaper you choose for several hours. Its understandable that diapers are expensive but I agree, Luvs is a really great, affordable brand of diaper for day and nighttime.

Yes!! Your top pick of Luvs Ultra is what we have for my granddaughter. I had no idea what I was doing, it’s so confusing I swear!!! That’s why I read your article. I thank you for that!!! Now I know I made a great choice!!

Hi Babsie, I am so glad I can be helpful to you because I know how overwhelming it can be when trying to decide what type of diaper to get for your little one. Its good to know what you are buying besides what the labels say so you don’t end up wasting money on diapers that were not the kind of quality you were actually looking for.

In my experience, the 12 hour absorbency in diapers depend on the amount of fluid a child drinks. My son drinks a lot of water. His diapers don’t last more than 3-4 hours. So I think I may try the Luv Ultra Leakguards next time.

This is true. If your child drinks an 8 ounce bottle of milk before bed, their diaper will be full by midnight but in the case where you still find leaks you can always double up your diapers for extra protection.

I don’t think I ever got so much information about diapers in one place. What a helpful resource for mom’s especially when not even diaper seems to suit every kid. I ended up with Pampers for my boys and found usually when they started leaking through it was time for the next size. Just my little tidbit!

I found out over the years that if you get a size up it won’t leak. Being on a budget I always used whatever I could afford so accidentally found this out but I’m glad I did!


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